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Shiles, Bob SHIL024

Shiles, Bob. “Tribal court returns votes to Townsend.” The Robesonian (Lumberton, NC) January 22, 2016. 

Shiles, Bob SHIL040

Shiles, Bob. “HUD report could say tribe misspent $264,000.” The Robesonian (Lumberton, NC). May 21, 2016

Shiles, Bob SHIL038

Shiles, Bob. "Tribal members mobilize in effort to recall Lumbee chair." Robesonian (Lumberton, NC) 13 Dec. 2013.

Shiles, Bob SHIL047

Shiles, Bob. "Bill puts gaming in play for Lumbees; Lumbees would have final say in a vote." Robesonian (Lumberton, NC). September 10, 2016.

Shiles, Bob SHIL025

Shiles, Bob. “Tribe ‘bombarded’ with absentee requests.” The Robesonian (Lumberton, NC) October 29, 2015.

Shiles, Bob SHIL029

Shiles, Bob. “Local businessman – announces bid for – Lumbee chairman.” The Robesonian (Lumberton, NC). August 1, 2015

Shiles, Bob SHIL035

Shiles, Bob. “Tribe denies effort to mislead voters – Will continue enrollment updates through Friday.” The Robesonian (Lumberton, NC). October 22, 2015

Shiles, Bob SHIL036

Shiles, Bob. “Tribe lands $2.4M grant – Will fund county educational partnership.” The Robesonian (Lumberton, NC). September 25, 2015

Shiles, Bob SHIL026

Shiles, Bob. “Tribe must return $265K to HUD – Money misspent on travel, non-housing needs.” The Robesonian (Lumberton, NC) March 18, 2016.

Shiles, Bob SHIL037

Shiles, Bob. “Tribe pays $700,000 for 88 acres – Deal also includes land swap.” The Robesonian (Lumberton, NC). June 19, 2015

Shiles, Bob SHIL071

Shiles, Bob. "Tribe relents, pipeline talk will be in open session." The Robesonian [Lumberton, NC]. September 28, 2017.

Shiles, Bob SHIL072

Shiles, Bob. "Tribe sanctions Locklear following separate incidents." Red Springs Citizen [Red Springs, NC]. July 20, 2017.

Shiles, Bob SHIL070

Shiles, Bob. "Locklear sends in letter of resignation." St. Pauls Review [St. Paul, NC] July 25, 2017.

Shiles, Bob SHIL078

Shiels, Bob. "Edge: State ‘intentionally delayed’ stalls project." The Robesonian [Lumberton, NC]. April 15, 2017.

Shiles, SHIL065

Shiles, Bob. "Tribe, FEMA sign pact.” Red Springs Citizen [Red Springs, NC]. August 8, 2017.

Shiles, Bob SHIL055

Shiles, Bob. "Ruling means tribe can seek recognition through Interior Department." Robesonian [Lumberton, NC] January 13, 2017.

Shiles, Bob SHIL031

Shiles, Bob. “Petition tries to block Brooks from re-election.” The Robesonian (Lumberton, NC). June 26, 2015.

Shiles, Bob SHIL041

Shiles, Bob. "AIM walk reaches into Robeson." Robesonian (Lumberton, NC) June 23, 2016.

Shiles, Bob SHIL044

Shiles, Bob. "All ‘natives’ among those counted for redistricting." Robesonian [Lumberton, NC] September 4, 2016.

Shiles, Bob SHIL069

Shiles, Bob. "Almost all people displaced by Hurricane Matthew out of area hotels, motels." The St. Pauls Review [St. Pauls NC]. July 26, 2017.

Shiles, Bob SHIL048

Shiles, Bob. "Lumbee court rejects districts, election delayed." Robesonian [Lumberton, NC] September 27, 2016.

Shiles, Bob SHIL030

Shiles, Bob. “Lumbee election staffs need home – Tribe can’t use HUD dollars for rent.” The Robesonian (Lumberton, NC). April 10, 2015

Shiles, Bob SHIL046

Shiles, Bob. "Senate panel to discuss Lumbee recognition." Robesonian [Lumberton, NC] September 6, 2016.

Shiles, Bob SHIL053

Shiles, Bob. "Protest planned in Pembroke of natural gas pipeline." Robesonian [Lumberton, NC] November 17, 2016.

Shiles, Bob SHIL020

Shiles, Bob. “Questions swirl on vets office.” The Robesonian (Lumberton, NC) November 20, 2015.

Shiles, Bob SHIL043

Shiles, Bob. "New group plans to support Lumbee government." Robesonian [Lumberton, NC] August 19, 2016.

Shimron, Yonat SHIM001

Shimron, Yonat. “New Baptist leader an inspiration to his people.” (Tar Heel of the Week.) News and Observer (Raleigh, NC) 30 May 1999: 1B.

Shoieb, Farouk Tammam Ali 496

Shoieb, Farouk Tammam Ali.  “Sociodemographic Influences on Initial and Subsequent Childbearing: A Hazard Model Analysis.”  Diss.  North Carolina State U, 1985.

Shoop, Michael I. 1035

Shoop, Michael I. “Index to Notices of Death Found in the Robesonian.” 1989- .

Siceloff, Bruce 693

Siceloff, Bruce.  “Identity and Honor: Lumbee Indians and the Quest for Recognition.”  News and Observer 20 Oct. 1991: 1J.

Sider, Gerald M. SIDE003

Sider, Gerald M. “The walls came tumbling up: The production of culture, class and Native American societies.” Australian journal of anthropology 17.3 (December 2006): 276-90.

Sider, Gerald SIDE001

Sider, Gerald. “Against experience: the struggles for history, tradition, and hope among Native American people.” Between history and histories: the making of silences and commemorations. Ed. Gerald Sider and Gavin Smith. Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 1997. Pages 62-77. Key source

Sider, Gerald Marc 801

Sider, Gerald Marc.  “Political History of the Lumbee Indians of Robeson County, North Carolina: A Case Study of Ethnic Political Affiliations.”  Diss. New School for Social Research, 1971.

Sider, Gerald M. 819

Sider, Gerald M. “Lumbee Indian Cultural Nationalism and Ethnogenesis.” Dialectical Anthropology 1.2 (Feb. 1976): 161-72.

Sider, Gerald M. 59

Sider, Gerald M. Lumbee Indian histories: Race, ethnicity and Indian identity in the Southern United States.

Simkins, Virginia 894

Simkins, Virginia. “Young Foster Mother and 19 Kids Are Transforming an Institution.” Robesonian 2 Dec. 1956?

Simkins, Virginia 206

Simkins, Virginia.  “Indians Hail Whites on PSC Board.”  Robesonian 2 Sept. 1959: 1.

Sinclair, Tomeka SINC001

Sinclair, Tomeka. "Murals in Greensboro feature images of Lumbee Tribe members." The Robesonian [Lumberton, NC]. September 18, 2017.

Sinclair, Tomeka SINC002

Sinclair, Tomeka. "N.C. 71 stretch now honors Goins." Robesonian [Lumberton, NC]. October 11, 2017.

Singh, Renee SING001

Singh, Renee. "Our roots go back to Roanoke: Investigating the link between the Lost Colony and the Lumbee People of North Carolina [Unpublished undergraduate student essay]." Prized Writing [UC Davis] 2006.

Sisevic, Ivo 561

Sisevic, Ivo.  “Kroatski Indijanci: Tragom historijskih Podataka i Nekih Jezicnih Tragova.”  Dubrovnik: Nase More, 1976.  28p.

Skove, Cynthia 963

Skove, Cynthia. “Squabbling Sets Back Efforts to Help Indians.” Baltimore News American 3 Nov. 1985: 7A.

Skove, Cynthia 961

Skove, Cynthia. “Persistent Woes Plague Area’s Indian Population.” Baltimore News American 3 Nov. 1985: 1A.

Skove, Cynthia 962

Skove, Cynthia. “Fighting to Improve Their Lot.” Baltimore News American 3 Nov. 1985: 1A.

Skove, Cynthia 964

Skove, Cynthia. “Children Drop Out of School at an Alarming Rate.” Baltimore News American 5 Nov. 1985: 1A.

Sloan, Bob SLOA001

Sloan, Bob. “World record; Pembroke's Collins places himself among Guiness (sic) greats by pulling 86,560 pounds.” Robesonian 14 April 1994: 1B.

Sloan, Bob 906

Sloan, Bob. “A Long Mission Completed.” Robesonian 4 Aug. 1991: 1B.

Sloan, Bob 909

Sloan, Bob. “Locklear Fairs (sic) Well at Giants’ Spring Training.” Robesonian 15 April 1992: 1B.

Smith, Terri Ferguson SMIT005

Smith, Terri Ferguson. "Spankings drop in Robeson County schools." Robesonian (Lumberton, NC) September 9, 2016.

Smith, Elizabeth SMIT004

Smith, Elizabeth. "An analysis of a 'Croatan' community." Unpublished report. 1925 . 10 pages.

Smith, Marci SMIT003

Smith, Marci. “Jana jams.” Robesonian Wednesday, June 28, 2000, p. C1, C5.

Smith, W. 814

Smith, W. “Anti-Indian Bias Found.” News and Observer [Raleigh, NC] 18 Sept. 1974: 21.

Smith, Margaret Supplee SMIT001

 “Rhoda Strong Lowry, 1849-1909.” In: North Carolina women: making history. By Margaret Supplee Smith and Emily Herring Wilson. Chapel Hill; London: North Carolina UP, 1999. Pages 154-157; notes on pages 327-328.

Smith, Wilbur 354

Wilbur Smith and Associates.  "A Feasibility Study and Concept Plan for the North Carolina Indian Cultural Tourist Center."  Prepared for the North Carolina Commission of Indian Affairs.  Columbia, SC: Wilbur Smith and Associates, November, 1981.

Smith, Terri Ferguson SMIT007

Smith, Terri Ferguson. "Matthew's victims now lean on faith; religious groups aid with recovery." Robesonian [Lumberton, NC] November 19, 2016.

Smith, Terri Ferguson SMIT006

Smith, Terri Ferguson. "Hudson promises growers help in wake of Matthew." Robesonian [Lumberton, NC] October 21, 2016.

Smith, Donald B. 356

Smith, Donald B.  Long Lance: The True Story of an Impostor.  Toronto: Macmillan, 1982; Lincoln: U of Nebraska P, 1983.

Smith, Marci SMIT002

Smith, Marci. “Tuning in to God.” Robesonian 21 April 1999: C1.

Smith, Lula Jane 422

Smith, Joseph Michael, and Lula Jane Smith. The Lumbee Methodists: Getting to know them. A folk history. Raleigh: Commission of Archives and History, North Carolina Methodist Conference, 1990.

Smith, Donald B. 362

Smith, Donald B.  “From Sylvester Long to Chief Buffalo Child Long Lance.”  Being and Becoming Indian: Biographical Studies of North American Frontiers.  Ed. James A. Clifton. Chicago: Dorsey, 1989.  Pp. 183-203.

Smithey, Sherman Bryan 13

Smithey, Sherman Bryan. “Robeson Indians Classed by State as Negroes 48 Years.” Charlotte Observer 22 Nov. 1931: Sec. 3 p. 3.

Smithey, Sherman Bryan 13

Smithey, Sherman Bryan.  “Robeson Indians Classed by State as Negroes 48 Years.”  Charlotte Observer 22 Nov. 1931: Sec. 3 p. 3.

Smokowski, Paul R. SMOK002

Smokowski, Paul R., et al. “The North Carolina Youth Violence Prevention Center: Using a multifaceted, ecological approach to reduce youth violence in impoverished rural areas.” Journal of the Society for Social Work and Research, vol. 9, no. 4, Dec. 2018, pp. 575-97.

Smokowski, PR SMOK001

Smokowski, PR, CB Evans, KL Cotter, and KC Webber. “Ethnic Identity and Mental Health in American Indian Youth: Examining Mediation Pathways Through Self-Esteem, and Future Optimism.” Journal of Youth and Adolescence 43.3 (2014): 343-55.

Smoot, Ryan SMOO001

Smoot, Ryan. "Lumbee Tribe could be fully federally recognized with new bill." Daily Tarheel [Chapel Hill, NC]. October 3, 2017.

Smothers, Ronald 1225

Smothers, Ronald. “Steps Taken to Ease Tension in Carolina County.” New York Times 10 April 1988: 26.

Sneed, Richard SNEE001

Sneed, Richard. “Principal Chief’s Report- Tuesday, Sept. 5, 2017.” Cherokee One Feather [Cherokee, NC]. September 5, 2017.

Snider, Margie 150

Snider, Margie. “The Value of Title IX: It Goes Beyond Athletics.”  Charlotte Observer 9 Sept. 1984: 3B.

Snider, Evelyn 294

Snider, Evelyn, and Hubbard Fulton Page.  Beyond Revenge.  [Unpublished play.]  1936.

Snow, Claude H. 347

Snow, Claude H.  “An Annotated Transcription of Eight Lumbee Indian Sermons in Upper Robeson County, North Carolina.”  Thesis.  U of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, 1978.

Sorensen, Barbara SORE001

Sorensen, Barbara. “American Indian sisterhood: the Alpha Pi Omega Sorority and the Universities of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and Pembroke.” Winds of Change (annual college guide) 1998 supplement: 92-93.

Sorkin, Alan L. SORK001

Sorkin, Alan L. The urban American Indian. Lexington, M.A.: Lexington Books, 1978. Pp. 72-75.

Sovine, Melanie Lou 721

Sovine, Melanie Lou.  “The Mysterious Melungeons: A Critique of the Mythical Image.”  Diss. U of Kentucky, 1982.

Spangler, John G. SPAN005

Spangler, John G.; L. Douglas Case; Ronny A. Bell; and Sara A. Quandt. “Tobacco use in a tri-ethnic population of older women in southeastern North Carolina.” Ethnicity & disease 13.2 (Spring 2003): 226-232.

Spangler, John G. SPAN004

Spangler, John G., Robert Michielutte, Ronny A. Bell, Stanley Knick, Mark B. Dignan, and John H. Summerson. “Dual tobacco use among Native American adults in southeastern North Carolina.” Preventive Medicine 32.6 (2001): 521-528.

Spangler, John Given SPAN002

Spangler, John Given; Bell, Ronny Antonio; Dignam, Mark Boberg; and Michielutte, Robert. “Prevalence and predictors of tobacco use among Lumbee Indian women in Robeson County, North Carolina.” Journal of Community Health 22.2 (April 1997): 115-25.

Spangler, J.G. SPAN001

Spangler, J.G.; R.A. Bell, S. Knick, R. Michielutte, M.B. Dignan, and J.H. Summerson. “Church-related correlates of tobacco use among Lumbee Indians in North Carolina.” Ethnicity & Disease 8.1 (Winter 1998): 73-80.

Spangler, J.G. SPAN003

Spangler, J.G.; M.B. Dignan, and R.M. Michielutte. “Smokeless tobacco use among American Indian women--southeastern North Carolina, 1991.” Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report 44.6 (February 17, 1995): 113-117. 

Sparks, Boyden 543

Sparks, Boyden.  “Writ on Rocke: Has America’s First Mystery Been Solved?”  Saturday Evening Post 26 April 1941: 9.

Spearman, Walter 555

Spearman, Walter.  “The Lost Colony of Roanoke Island.”  American History Illustrated 4.2 (1969): 22-30.

Speck, Frank G. 308

Speck, Frank G.  Gourds of the Southeastern Indians: A Prolegomenon on the Lagenaria Gourd Culture of the Southeastern Indians.  Boston: New England Gourd Society, 1941.  Pp. 72-75.

Speck, Frank G. 542

Speck, Frank G.  “The Catawba Nation and Its Neighbors.”  North Carolina Historical Review 16.4 (Oct. 1939): 404-17.

Spees, Everett K., Jr. SPEE001

Spees, Everett K., Jr. "Studies of the Diversity of Human Population by Leukocyte, Erthrocyte, and Immunoglobulin Polymorphisms." Diss. (Microbiology). Duke U, 1979.

Spicer, Edward H. 32

Spicer, Edward H.  “Lumbees.”  Harvard Encyclopedia of American Ethnic Groups.  Ed. Stephen Thornstrom.  Cambridge: Belknap—Harvard UP, 1980.  Pp. 70-71.

Sporn, Leslie K. 480

Sporn, Leslie K.  “Alcoholism and Individual Social Disorganization Among the Lumbi [sic] Indians.”  Thesis.  U of Maryland at Baltimore, 1977.

Stamm, Demetra Serena STAM004

Stamm, Demetra Serena. "Genetic investigation of both complex and Mendelian disorders: neural tube defects and Native American myopathy." Dissertation. U of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, 2007.

Stamm, D. S. STAM003

Stamm, D. S., C. M. Powell, and J. M. Stajich. "Novel congenital myopathy locus identified in Native American Indians at 12q13.13-14.1." Neurology 71.22 (Nov. 25, 2008): 1764-9.

Stamm, Demetra S. STAM001

Stamm, Demetra S.; Arthur S. Alysworth; Jeffery M. Stajich; Stephen G, Kahler; Leigh B. Thorus; Marcy C. Speer; and Cynthia M. Powell. "Native American myopathy with cleft palate, skeletal anomalies, and susceptability to malignant hypothermia." American Journal of Medical Genetics Part A 146A no. 14 (July 15, 2008): 1832-1841.

Stancill, G.W. 762

Stancill, G. W.  “A Lie Denounced: An Old Confederate Soldier and Preacher Denounces as a Lie the Report that He Is Preaching Social Equality.”  Robesonian 25 May 1908: 1.

Stancill, Jane STAN001

Stancill, Jane. “Pembroke Eyes Its Market.” News and Observer (Raleigh, N.C.) 25 June 2001: 1B, 3B. 1175 words.

Stancill, Jane STAN002

Stancill, Jane. "Promise of lower tuition is attracting more applicants to these three UNC campuses." The News & Observer [Raleigh, NC]. January 5, 2018.

Stanifer, John W. STAN003

Stanifer, John W., and Yoshio N. Hall. “Are county codes more indicative of kidney health than genetic codes? [Editorial]” AJKD [American Journal of Kidney Diseases], vol. 72, no. 1, July 2018, pp. 4-6.

Steedly, Mary Margaret STEE001

Steedly, Mary Margaret. “What is culture? Does it matter?” In: Field work: sites in literary and cultural studies. Ed. by Marjorie Garber, Paul B. Franklin, and Rebecca L. Walkowitz. New York; London: Routledge, 1996. Pp. 18-25.

Steelman, Ben STEE002

Steelman, Ben. “Still a pioneer: rural patients focus of Lumbee doctor’s life.” Star news (Wilmington, NC) Sunday, March 28, 2004: 1D, 7D. 1,328 words.

Stein, Robert E. STEI001

Stein, Robert E. “Encountering liberalism: devaluing the economics of racism.” Diss. Michigan U, 1999. 275 pages.

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Stelter, Rebecca Lynn. "The relationships between parental beliefs about children's emotions, and children's perceptions and behavior." M. S. North Carolina State U, 2007.

Stelter, Rebecca Lynn STEL003

Stelter, Rebecca Lynn. "Parental socialization of children's anger and sadness and children's affective social competence." Dissertation. North Carolina State U, 2010.

Stelter, Rebecca STEL001

Stelter, Rebecca L., and Amy G. Halberstadt. "The interplay between parental beliefs about children's emotions and parental stress impacts children's attachment security." Infant & Child Development 20.3 (2011): 272-87.

Stephens, Phillip STEP001

Stephens, Phillip. "Storm brings out our best [opinion column]." Robesonian [Lumberton, NC] October 18, 2016.

Stewart, Charles R. STEW001

Stewart, Charles R., Stephen G. Kahler, and James M. Gilchrist. “Congenital myopathy with cleft palate and increased susceptibility to malignant hyperthermia: King Syndrome?” Pediatric neurology 4.6 (November-December 1988): 371-374.

Stick, David 572

Stick, David.  Roanoke Island: The Beginnings of English America.  Chapel Hill: U of North Carolina P, 1983.  Pp. 231-33, 241-43, 245.

Stick, David 548

Stick, David.  “The Lost Colony ‘Mystery’.”  The State 17 (2 July 1949): 11, 20-21.

Stilling, Glenn Ellen Starr STIL007

Stilling, Glenn Ellen Starr. "Lumbee Indians." Encyclopedia of North Carolina. Ed. William S. Powell. Chapel Hill: U of North Carolina P, 2006. Pages 699-703.

Stilling, Glenn Ellen Starr TATA001

Stilling, Glenn Ellen Starr. Chris Chavis (Tatanka). Unpublished essay.

Stilling, Glenn Ellen Starr STIL001

Stilling, Glenn Ellen Starr. "The Lumbee struggle for federal recognition: an annotated bibliography." North Carolina Political Review November-December 2001.

Stinebaker, Joe 1210

Stinebaker, Joe. “Eddie Hatcher: Willing to Walk to the Edge for What Is Right.” Winston-Salem Journal 14 Feb. 1988: A11.

Stinneford, Mark STIN001

Stinneford, Mark. “Pembroke State name change approved by UNC board.” Fayetteville Observer-Times Sunday 13 April 1996.

Stone, Jake Ward 81

Stone, Jake Ward.  “A Comparative Study of Three Types of High School Teachers in Robeson County, North Carolina.”  Thesis.  Duke U, 1941.

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Struck, Doug 1203

Struck, Doug. “Baltimore Man Leads 3 ‘Voices’ in N.C. Protest.” Baltimore Sun 3 May 1987: 1A.

Stump, W. 924

Stump, W. “Maryland–Home of the Braves.” Baltimore Evening Sun 28 May 1950.

Stump, William 925

Stump, William. “Indians Mark a Successful Initial Year on a Farm in St. Marys County.” Baltimore Sun 24 Dec. 1950.

Sturdivant, Nick STUR001

Sturdivant, Nick. “Lumbee community offers input for national veterans.” WBTW News 13. May 18, 2016

Sui, Lih-Jiuan H. SUI0001

Sui, Lih-Jiuan H. “Mother and family values in the schooling of Lumbee Indians in the Baytown area.” Diss. University of Maryland, College Park, 1998. 206 pages.

Swain, Glenn SWAI001

Swain, Glenn. “Native American high school athletes lauded; for 13 years after Brown v. Board of Education, students couldn't play in state high school playoffs.” Herald-Sun (Durham, NC) 24 October 1999.

Swanton, John R. 538

Swanton, John R.  “Geographical Record--North America--The Croatan Indians.”  Geographical Review 28 (1938): 323-24.

Swanton, John R. 547

Swanton, John R.  The Indians of the Southeastern United States.  (Smithsonian Institution.  Bureau of American Ethnology.  Bulletin 137)  Washington: GPO, 1946.  Pp. 112, 145, 178, 183.

Swanton, John R. 535

Swanton, John R. “Probable identity of the 'Croatan Indians'.” U.S. Dept. of Interior. Office of Indian Affairs. Washington, DC, 1933. 5p.

Swofford, Stan 248

Swofford, Stan.  “Job Choice Racist, Lumbees Maintain.”  Greensboro Daily News 23 June  1979: A1.

Swofford, Stan 825

Swofford, Stan. “Are Highway Patrolmen Mistreating Lumbee Indians?” Greensboro Daily News [Greensboro, NC] 25 June 1978: A1.

Swofford, Stan 1201

Swofford, Stan. “Blacks, Lumbees Want Answers.” Greensboro News and Record 14 Dec. 1986: A1.

Swofford, Stan SWOF001

Swofford, Stan. “Lumbee advocate remembers struggles; Lonnie Revels has pushed for economic development and educational opportunities for his people.” Greensboro News and Record (Greensboro, North Carolina) 30 March 2003. Reprinted in Carolina Indian Voice Thursday, April 17, 2003: 5.

Tafoya, Dennis W. 139

Tafoya, Dennis W., and Boyd G. Combs. Robeson County Compensatory Indian Education Project. Evaluation and Final Report. U of North Carolina. Center for Human Communication Research, July 1978. ERIC ED 161 605

Talbert, Melissa 678

Talbert, Melissa.  “Lumbee Recognition Is Debated.”  Robesonian 4 Nov. 1988: 1A.

Talbert, Malissa 273

Talbert, Malissa.  “County Group Supports Oxendine for PSU Post.”  Robesonian 6 April 1989: B1.

Talbert, Malissa 160

Talbert, Malissa.  “John Bridgeman Instrumental in Developing New Coopera-tion."  Robesonian 26 Feb. 1989: 10.

Talbert, Malissa 158

 Talbert, Malissa.  “Superintendent Selected for Merged System.” Robesonian 21 Dec. 1988: 1A.  

Talbert, 161

Talbert, Malissa.  “Barker Chairs Interim [School] Board, Selects Committees Carefully.”  Robesonian 26 Feb. 1989: 11.

Talbert, Malissa 159

 Talbert, Malissa.  “Board OKs District Lines for 6 High School Plan.”  Robesonian 22 Feb. 1989: 1A.


Talbert, Melissa 677

Talbert, Malissa.  “National Indian Group Endorses Recognition for Lumbees.” Robesonian 3 Nov. 1988: 1A.

Talbert, Malissa 273

Talbert, Malissa.  “County Group Supports Oxendine for PSU Post.”  Robesonian 6 April 1989: B1.

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Thompson, Vernon Ray.  “A Study of the Indian Schools of Robeson County, North Carolina.”  Thesis.  Ohio State U, 1951.

Thompson, Betty 401

Thompson, Betty.  “A ‘Lost Colony’ of Methodists?”  World Outlook [New York: Board of Missions, United Methodist Church] 24 (Aug. 1954): 16-18.

Thompson, Marshall 304

Thompson, Marshall.  “Ethnologist Links Robeson Indians with ‘Lost Colony’.”  Greensboro Daily News 1 Dec. 1940: A9.

Thompson, Estes THOM003

Thompson, Estes. “N.C. county picks Indian as sheriff; Lumbees say election will aid their image.” Atlanta Journal/Atlanta Constitution 27 November 1994: M3.

Thompson, Estes THOM004

Thompson, Estes. “Lumbee Indian sheriff wants to restore faith in law; officer seen as unifying force in Robeson County.” Charlotte Observer Monday, 21 November 1994: 14C.