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Healey, Jon 683

Healey, Jon.  “Sanford Introduces Bill to Give Lumbees Full Federal Recognition, but No Aid.”  Winston-Salem Journal 4 May 1989: 36.

Healey, Thomas HEAL001

Healey, Thomas. “Civil rights trailblazer leaves Indians better off.” Tar Heel of the Week. News and Observer (Raleigh, NC) 4 December 1994: 1C.

Hellerstein, Erica HELL001

Hellerstein, Erica. "Atlantic Coast Pipeline Unlikely to Bring Economic Development to Three Eastern North Carolina counties, Report Finds." Indy Week [Raleigh, NC]. January 23, 2018.

Henderson, Bruce 1247

Henderson, Bruce. “No One Was to Be Hurt in Siege, Jacobs Said.” Charlotte Observer 12 Oct. 1988: 4B.

Henderson, Bruce 671

Henderson, Bruce.  “Lumbees Fight for Recognition as Tribe.”  Charlotte Observer 15 Oct. 1987: 1A.

Henderson, Bruce 1217

Henderson, Bruce. “Robeson Activist John Godwin Dies.” Charlotte Observer 24 March 1988: 2C.

Henderson, Bruce 1200

Henderson, Bruce. “Robeson civic leader dies at 69: Simeon Oxendine won fame confronting Klan.” Charlotte Observer 28 Dec. 1988: 1B.

Henderson, Bruce 691

Henderson, Bruce.  “Martin Names Charlotte Woman to Head NC Indian Commission.”  Charlotte Observer 9 Aug. 1990: 3D.

Henderson, James E. 11

Henderson, James E. “The Croatan Indians of Robeson County.” Report to the Commissioner of Indian Affairs, Washington, D.C. from James E. Henderson, Supt., Cherokee Agency, U.S. Indian Service, Dept. of Interior. Cherokee, N.C., 11 Dec. 1923. 8 p. National Archives and Records Service, Washington, D.C. RG 75, Entry 121, Central Classified Files, 1907-1939, 93807-1923-Cherokee School-150 (James Henderson’s Report).

Henderson, James E. 11

Henderson, James E.  The Croatan Indians of Robeson County.  Report to the Commissioner of Indian Affairs, Washington, D.C. from James E. Henderson, Supt., Cherokee Agency, U.S. Indian Service, Dept. of Interior.  Cherokee, N.C., 11 Dec. 1923.  8 p.  National Archives and Records Service, Washington, D.C.  RG 75, Entry 121, Central Classified Files, 1907-1939, 93807-1923-Cherokee School-150 (James Henderson’s Report).

Henderson, Bruce 1267

Henderson, Bruce. “A Year Later, Elements Still Linger in Robeson Hostage Drama." Charlotte Observer 1 Feb. 1989: 1B.

Henderson, Randi 949

Henderson, Randi. “Indian Center Wants to Preserve Culture, Help Alcoholics.” Baltimore Sun 1 May 1974.

Henderson, Bruce 1251

Henderson, Bruce. “Acquittals Draw Protest.” Charlotte Observer 19 Oct. 1988: C1.

Henderson, David H. 1131

Henderson, David H. “Face to face with the Lumbee ghost?” The State 56.5 (Oct. 1988): 10-13.

Henderson, Bruce 1206

Henderson, Bruce, and Elizabeth Leland. “Indians Free Hostages at Paper.” Charlotte Observer 2 Feb. 1988: 1A.

Henderson, Bruce 1205

Henderson, Bruce. “Lumbee Indian Strives for Equality for All Races.” Charlotte Observer 29 Nov. 1987: D1.

Henige, David 576

Henige, David.  “Origin Traditions of American Racial Isolates: A Case of Something Borrowed.”  Appalachian Journal 11.3 (Spring 1984): 201-13.

Henshaw, Diana M. 254

Henshaw, Diana M.  "An Analysis of Barriers to Post-Secondary Educational Participation by Mature Women."  Diss.  North Carolina State U, 1980.

Herbst, Phillip H. CRO0001

“Cro, Croatan.” In: The color of words: an encyclopedic dictionary of ethnic bias in the United States. By Philip H. Herbst. Intercultural P, 1997. Page 62.

Herman, David HERM002

Herman, David. “Spatial reference in narrative domains.” Text 21.4 (2001): 515-41.

Herman, David HERM003

Herman, David. “Story logic in conversational and literary narratives.” Narrative 9.2 (2001): 130-37.

Herman, David HERM001

Herman, David. “Toward a socionarratology: new ways of analyzing natural-language narratives.” In: Narratologies: new perspectives on narrative analysis. Ed. David Herman. Columbus: Ohio State UP, 1999. Pages 218-246.

Herman, David HERM004

Herman, David. “Pragmatic constraints on narrative processing: Actants and anaphora resolution in a corpus of North Carolina ghost stories.” Journal of pragmatics 32 (2000): 959-1001.

Herring, Roger Dale 149

Herring, Roger Dale.  "A Study of the Relationships of Ethnicity, Sex, and School to Competency Level Achieved by High School Juniors on the North Carolina Minimum Competency Test for the Robeson County School System Between 1978-1983."  Thesis.  Appalachian State U, 1984.

Herring, Roger D. 167

Herring, Roger D.  “Minimum Competency Testing: Implications for Ethnicity.”  Journal of Multicultural Counseling and Development 17.3 (July 1989): 98-104.

Herring, Roger D. HERR001

Herring, Roger D. “Experiencing a lack of money and appropriate skin color: a personal narrative.” Journal of Counseling and Development 77 (Winter 1999): 25-27.

Hicks, Michell HICK001

Hicks, Michell. “There are many factors to consider as Lumbee seek tribal status.” Asheville Citizen-Times (Asheville, NC). April 25, 2004

Hitt, Greg 1221

Hitt, Greg, and Terry Martin. “Young Lumbee Killed Pierce, Then Himself, Authorities Say.” Winston-Salem Journal 30 March 1988: 1.

Hitt, Greg 850

Hitt, Greg. “Reports Allege Racism: Robeson Courts Unfair to Indians, Studies Say.” Winston-Salem Journal 14 Feb. 1988: A1.

Hitt, Greg 1245

Hitt, Greg. “Hatcher Accuses Government: 40 Indictments Put Off to Get Convictions, Attorney Says.” Winston-Salem Journal 27 Sept. 1988: 15.

Hitt, Greg 1216

Hitt, Greg. “Robeson’s Unsolved Murders Feed Unrest.” Winston-Salem Journal 13 March 1988: A1.

Hitt, Greg 500

Hitt, Greg.  “Violence Among Indians Hangs as a Backdrop to Investigation.”  Winston-Salem Journal 13 March 1988: A9.

Hitt, Greg 1246

Hitt, Greg. “Indians Get Sympathy of Editor.” Winston-Salem Journal 1 Oct. 1988: 5.

Hixenbaugh, Mike BLOG007

Hixenbaugh, Mike. "Congress adjourns without taking action on Lumbee recognition." Fayetteville Observer. December 24, 2010.

Hixenbaugh, Mike BLOG018

Hixenbaugh, Mike.  "Ex Robeson Sheriff  Maynor to finish prison term at home."  The Fayetteville Observer. April 29, 2010.

Hixenbaugh, Mike BLOG064

Hixenbaugh, Mike. "Lumbee Tribal chairman challenges ordinance." Fayetteville Observer [Fayetteville, NC] January 27, 2011.

Hixenbaugh, Mike BLOG016

Hixenbaugh, Mike. "Crime keeps Robeson County down." The Fayetteville Observer. 17 July 2010.

Hixenbaugh, Mike BLOG017

Hixenbaugh, Mike. "Lumbee Tribe honors tireless advocate." The Fayetteville Observer. 6 July 2010.

Hixenbaugh, Mike BLOG010

Hixenbaugh, Mike. "Lawyer alleges secret Lumbee meetings with gaming reps." Fayetteville Observer January 1, 2011.

Hixenbaugh, Mike BLOG044

Mike Hixenbaugh. "Lumbee bill left out of Senate earmarks bill." Fayetteville Observer. December 16, 2010. 

Hoefel, Roseanne HOEF001

Hoefel, Roseanne. “ ‘Different by degree’: Ella Cara Deloria, Zora Neale Hurston, and Franz Boaz contend with race and ethnicity.” American Indian Quarterly 25.2 (Spring 2001): 181-202.

Hoffend, Carly HOFF001

Hoffend, Carly K. "The relationship between the proportion of Native American adolescents in schools and socio-emotional functioning " Dissertation Abstracts International: Section B: The Sciences and Engineering, Vol 74(12-B)(E). 2014. 

Hogan, Stephen D. HOGA001

Hogan, Stephen D., N. Steve Robinson, and Douglas Schell. “An examination of the entrepreneurial mindset of North Carolina's Lumbee Indians.” Native American values: survival and renewal. Proceedings from the Third International Conference at Lake Superior State University, October 25 & 26, 1991. Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan: Lake Superior State UP, 1993. Pp. 310-326.

Holback, Gloria D. HOLB001

Holback, Gloria D. “The spiritual journey of a Lumbee granddaughter.” Appalachian Quarterly 3.1 (March 1998): 90-96.

Holland, Elizabeth C. HOLL001

Holland, Elizabeth C. “A dream awakened.” Rehabilitation Nursing 25.1 (January/February 2000): 4- .

Holmes, Willliam L. HOLM001

Holmes, William L. “Census shows eastern North Carolina continues to lag.” Associated Press State & Local Wire Thursday, 23 May 2002 (BC cycle).

Holtz, J. 736

Holtz, J.  “Robeson Fire Charged to 3.”  News and Observer 9 April 1973: 21.

Hoover, Daniel C. 330

Hoover, Daniel C.  “Lumbee Fete Draws Crowd.”  News and Observer 2 July 1972: Sec. 1 p.  5.

Horan, Jack HORA001

Horan, Jack. “Go with the flow; outdoor enthusiasts, U.S. recognize Lumber River's charms.” Charlotte Observer 10 December 1998: 6B.

Horne, Bob 1265

Horne, Bob. “Remorseful Jacobs: Hatcher ‘Has Just Destroyed Me’.” Robesonian 21 Dec. 1988: 1A.

Horstick, Eric HORS001

Horstick, Eric J., Jeremy W. Linsley, and James J. Dowling. "Stac3 is a component of the excitation–contraction coupling machinery and mutated in Native American myopathy." Nature communications 4 (2013).

Hossfield, Leslie HOSS001

Hossfield, Leslie, Mac Legerton, and Gerald Keuster. "The Economic and Social Impact of Job Loss in Robeson County, North Carolina 1993-2003." Sociation today [North Carolina Sociological Association] 2.2 (2004). February 21, 2007.

Houghton, Richard H. III HOUG001

Houghton, Richard H., III. “The Lumbee: 'not a tribe.'” The Nation 257.21 (20 December 1993): 750.

Huck, Susan 1287

Huck, Susan. Legal Terrorism: The Truth about the Christic Institute. McLean, VA: New World Publishing, 1989. Pp. 122-34.

Hudson, Charles 30

Hudson, Charles.  The Southeastern Indians.  Knoxville: U of Tennessee P, 1976.  Pp. 493-96.

Hudson, William Lane, Jr. 341

341.     Hudson, William Lane, Jr.  “Public Relations:  Defined and Applied Specifically for Outdoor Drama.”  Paper for CMA 499. Pembroke State U, Spring 1976.

Huguenin, Charles A. HUGU001

Huguenin, Charles A., and Robert M. Dell. “The Lumbee (or Lumber) Indians of South Carolina. Descendants of the Hatteras Indians of Croatan (Portsmouth Island) and the English of the 'Lost Colony' of Roanoke (Cedar Island). Part 2.” NEARA Newsletter (Milford, N.H.: New England Antiquities Research Association) 7.3 (1970): 53-55.

Humphrey, W.H. 759

Humphrey, W. H.  “A Card.”  Robesonian 26 June 1900: 1.

Humphrey, J.W. 1092

Humphrey, J. W. “Henry Berry Lowery: another version of how he became an outlaw.” Robesonian 6 July 1908: 2.

Humphrey, John A. 476

Kupferer, Harriet J., and John A. Humphrey. “Fatal Indian violence in North Carolina.” Anthropological quarterly 48.4 (Oct. 1975): 236-44.

Humphreys, Josephine HUMP001

Humphreys, Josephine. Nowhere else on earth: a novel. New York: Viking, 2000. 341 pages. Paperback edition: Penguin USA, October 2001. Key source

Hung, Hsuanfang HUNG001

Hung, Hsuanfang. "A hermeneutic phenomenology study of schooling experiences of Lumbee Indian students with high incidence disabilities." Dissertation. University of North Carolina at Greensboro, 2011.

Hunt, Cynthia L HUNT003

Hunt, Cynthia L. “An open letter to the Indian voters of Robeson County concerning the at-large position on the school board.” Carolina Indian Voice 20 April 2000: 1.

Hunt, Cynthia L. HUNT007

Hunt, Cynthia L. “Joseph J. Brooks: a man of distinction.” Carolina Indian Voice 29 June 2000: 1, 4.

Hunt, L.B. 598

Hunt, L. B.  “There’s No History of a Tribe Named Croatan.”  Robesonian 26 Feb. 1934: 1.

Hunt, Brittany D. HUNT027

Hunt, Brittany D., and Beth Oyarzun. “Online learning perspectives of Native American students.” Journal of Educational Technology Studies, published online August 2019.

Hunt, Cynthia L. 694

Hunt, Cynthia L.  “A Guide to Understanding Lumbee History.”  Robesonian 5 Jan. 1993: 4A.

Hunt, Cynthia L. HUNT013

Hunt, Cynthia L. “Maynor vs. Morton, Part II.” (Looking back while walking forward.) Carolina Indian Voice Thursday, 20 April 2000: 10.

Hunt, Stephanie HUNT014

Hunt, Stephanie. "A sense of justice [Arlinda Locklear]." College of Charleston Magazine Summer 2006: 31-33.

Hunt, Elmer W. HUNT017

Hunt, Elmer W. The Elmer W. Hunt photograph collection. U of North Carolina at Pembroke Library, Pembroke, NC, 1953-1973. Key source

Hunt, Cynthia L. HUNT005

Hunt, Cynthia L. “Looking back while walking forward (column).” Carolina Indian Voice June 1, 2000: page 6.

Hunt, Cynthia L. HUNT010

Hunt, Cynthia L. “Looking back while walking forward (column): Confederation of Red Men's Lodge.” Carolina Indian Voice 27 July 2000: 4.

Hunt, Cynthia L. HUNT006

Hunt, Cynthia L. “Looking back while walking forward (column): Federally commissioned reports.” Carolina Indian Voice 18 May 2000: 4.

Hunt, Cynthia L. HUNT009

Hunt, Cynthia L. “Looking back while walking forward (column): The Indian pageant.” Carolina Indian Voice 20 July 2000: 4.

Hunt, Cynthia L. HUNT008

Hunt, Cynthia L. “Looking back while walking forward” (column). Carolina Indian Voice 25 May 2000: 2.

Hunt, Billie HUNT016

Hunt, Billie. "The impact of tribal gaming in rural communities: A case study of the Mashantucket Pequot in New London County and the prospect of tribal gaming in Robeson County." Masters in Public Administration. U of North Carolina at Pembroke, 2005.

Hunt, Cynthia L. HUNT011

Hunt, Cynthia L. “Looking back while walking forward (column): Maynor v. Morton, Part III.” Carolina Indian Voice 27 April 2000: 5.

Hunt, Cynthia L. HUNT002

Hunt, Cynthia L. “Looking back while walking forward (column): Maynor v. Morton.” Carolina Indian Voice 13 April 2000: 7.

Hunt, Cynthia L. HUNT001

Hunt, Cynthia L. “Federal Recognition Committee formation off to a successful beginning.” Carolina Indian Voice 18 March 1999: 1.

Hunt, James 583

Hunt, James.  “Seriously Objects to the Name ‘Croatan’.”  Robesonian 11 Aug. 1910: 3.

Hunt, Cynthia L. HUNT004

Hunt, Cynthia L. “Looking back while walking forward” (column). Carolina Indian Voice 7 September 2000: Page 5.

Hunt-Oxendine, Cammie HUNT015

Hunt-Oxendine, Cammie. "Entrepreneurial leadership: A qualitative study of the motivations and sustainable business strategies of American Indian entrepreneurs in North Carolina." Dissertation. Capella U, 2009.

Hunter, TC HUNT019

Hunter, TC. "$5.1M earmarked for Robeson." Robesonian [Lumberton, NC]. October 23, 2017.

Hunter, TC HUNT018

Hunter, TC. "Industrial recruiter calling it quits." Robesonian [Lumberton, NC]. October 24, 2017.

Hunter, TC HUNT023

Hunter, TC. "Applications accepted beginning Thursday for Matthew-related housing help." Robesonian [Lumberton, NC]. November 25, 2017.

Hunter, Marjorie 93

Hunter, Marjorie.  “Robeson County’s FOUR School Systems.”  Winston-Salem Journal and Sentinel 5 Feb. 1956: C3.

Hunter, T. C. HUNT026

Hunter, T. C. “Bill could open new paths for Lumbee funding.” Robesonian [Lumberton, NC]. July 16, 2019.

Hunter, TC HUNT025

Hunter, TC. "Tribe to close rolls to tweak enrollment rules." Robesonian [Lumberton, NC]. December 21, 2017.

Hunter, HUNT021

Hunter, TC. "Tribe upset by Cumberland schools’ decision to not allow Lumbee grads to wear stole." Robesonian [Lumberton, NC]. November 16, 2017.

Hunter, Marvin N. 570

Hunter, Marvin N.  “A Watery Fate for the Lost Colony.”  The State 50.4 (Sept. 1982): 8-10.

Hunter, TC HUNT020

Hunter, TC. "Robeson’s tax collection lags in NC." St Pauls Review [St. Pauls, NC]. April 1, 2017.

Hunter, TC HUNT022

Hunter, TC. "ACP clears key hurdle." Robesonian [Lumberton, NC]. November 17, 2017.

Hunter, TC HUNT024

Hunter, TC. "Gas leak makes noise in Prospect." Robesonian [Lumberton, NC]. November 21, 2017.

Isaac, Gabrielle ISAA001

Isaac, Gabrielle. “Robeson schools still tops in spanking.” The Robesonian (Lumberton, NC). March 26, 2016

Jablow, Paul 941

Jablow, Paul. “Lumbee Indians Gaining in Number but Losing Their Identity.” Baltimore Sun 9 May 1971.

Jackson, Stacie Jane JACK001

Jackson, Stacie Jane. “A comparative profile of vernacular phonology: Lumbee Vernacular English and African-American Vernacular English in Robeson County.” Thesis.  North Carolina Central University, 1997.

Jackson, F. L. C. JACK002

Jackson, F. L. C. "Ethnogenetic layering (EL): an alternative to the traditional race model in human variation and health disparity studies." Annals of human biology 35.2 (2008): 121-44. 

Jackson, George Pullen 292

Jackson, George Pullen.  White Spirituals in the Southern Upland.  1933.  New York: Dover, 1965.  Pp. 417-18.

Jacobs, Chick JACO

Jacobs, Chick. "Cooper announces major funding for Robeson County." The Fayetteville Observer [Fayetteville, NC]. June 28, 2017.

Jacobs, Darlene 834

North Carolina Department of Administration. North Carolina Commission of Indian Affairs. A Preliminary Review of Arrest and Incarceration Rates of Indians vs. Whites in the N.C. Judicial System. By Darlene Jacobs. [Raleigh?]: [North Carolina Dept. of Administration?], 1982. Rpt. in Anti-Indian Violence (entry 859), pp. 92-106.

Jacobs, Allison JACO002

Jacobs, Allison, et al. "Beliefs About Diabetes And Medication Adherence Among Lumbee Indians Living In Rural Southeastern North Carolina." Journal Of Transcultural Nursing 25.2 (2014): 167-175. Academic Search Complete. Web. 21 Nov. 2014.

Jacobs, Chick JACO004

Jacobs, Chick. "Hurricane Matthew one year later: Heartache and resolve." Fayetteville Observer [Fayetteville, NC]. October 7, 2017.

Jacobs, Ben 842

Jacobs, Ben. “The History of Lumbee Regional Development Association, Inc. (1968-1985).” Unpublished typescript. 80 p. and appendices.

Jacobs, Darlene JACO001

Jacobs, Darlene. “Establishment of ethics and economic committees and constitution tops Lumbee Tribal Council meeting.” Carolina Indian Voice Thursday 29 March 2001: 1

Jaenicke, Michael JAEN002

Jaenicke, Michael. “Tribal Conflict seeks solutions through alternative rock.” Robesonian Thursday, 30 May 2002.

Jaenicke, Michael JAEN005

Jaenicke, Michael. “Sacred Grounds [Book Title].” Robesonian February 5, 2007.

Jaenicke, Michael JAEN004

Jaenicke, Michael. "SATW!: outdoor drama returns after two-year hiatus." Robesonian Friday, July 7 2006.

Jaenicke, Michael JAEN003

Jaenicke, Michael. “N. C. woman to specialize in Native American studies at Harvard.” Associated Press State and Local Wire Sunday, May 29, 2005. 1085 words

James, Beverly JAME001

James, Beverly. “Human tractor sets big goals, has lots of pull.” Charlotte Observer 10 April 1994: 1B.

Janson, Donald JANS001

Janson, Donald. “Indians try to save old college building.” New York Times June 10, 1972, page 22. 1169 words.

Jargon, Julie JARG001

Jargon, Julie. “Help in conquering obstacles; firm links minority entrepreneurs with clients via 'Net.” Denver Post (Colorado) Tuesday, 17 September 1996: C-01. 717 words.

Jarvis, Craig JARV001

Jarvis, Craig. “Flags at half-staff for former Lumbee chairman.” The News & Observer (Raleigh, NC). June 11, 2015

Jenkins, Venita JENK014

Jenkins, Venita. “Complaint alleges hiring bias for Robeson judicial post.” Fayetteville Observer Sunday, 24 November 2001.

Jenkins, Venita JENK022

Jenkins, Venita. “Genealogy project offers window into Lumbee history.” Fayetteville Observer Monday, 29 July 2002.

Jenkins, Venita JENK030

Jenkins, Venita. “Lumbee recognition stalled.” Fayetteville Observer.  May 31, 2004.

Jenkins, Venita JENK032

Jenkins, Venita. “Lumbee tax plan surprises council.” Fayetteville Observer February 19, 2007.

Jenkins, Venita JENK013

Jenkins, Venita. “Couple goes electronic with reading.” Robesonian 22 September 1999: 7A.

Jenkins, Venita JENK006

Jenkins, Venita. “Lumbee tribal programs to continue.” Fayetteville Observer Monday, 5 February 2001.

Jenkins, Venita JENK012

Jenkins, Venita. “Lumbee Tribe may amend laws.” Fayetteville Observer Friday, November 9, 2001.

Jenkins, Venita JENK005

Jenkins, Venita. “Art auction brings 'SATW' $57,000.” Robesonian Wednesday, 30 June 1999: 1A, 6A.

Jenkins, Venita JENK024

Jenkins, Venita. “Swett principal speaks on safety.” Fayetteville Observer November 13, 2002.

Jenkins, Venita JENK037

Jenkins, Venita. “Lumbees encounter financial struggles.” The Fayetteville Observer (Fayetteville, NC). May 27, 2001

Jenkins, Venita JENK027

Jenkins, Venita. “Lumbees set date with Senate panel.” Fayetteville Observer September 4, 2003.

Jenkins, Venita JENK008

Jenkins, Venita. “Lumbees to form corporation.” Fayetteville Observer Sunday, 20 May 2001.

Jenkins, Venita JENK029

Jenkins, Venita. “House hears plea for Lumbee recognition.” Fayetteville Observer April 2, 2004.

Jenkins, Venita JENK010

Jenkins, Venita. “Robeson fights syphilis problem.” Fayetteville Observer Friday, 25 May 2001.

Jenkins, Venita JENK016

 Jenkins, Venita. “Maxton wants Tribe-Klan clash site.” Fayetteville Observer 20 March 2002.

Jenkins, Venita JENK015

Jenkins, Venita. “Pembroke mayor becomes Lumbee leader.” Fayetteville Observer Sunday, 28 January 2001.

Jenkins, Venita BLOG022

Jenkins, Venita.  "An honor for her people."  Fayetteville Observer Thursday, 7 May 2009.

Jenkins, Venita JENK034

Jenkins, Venita. "Tribe to study homicides; Lumbee grant will cover crime, health issues." Fayetteville observer Thursday, July 6 2006, sec. Local and state.

Jenkins, Venita JENK003

Jenkins, Venita. “Robeson SAT scores rise again.” Robesonian Wednesday, 1 September 1999: 1A, 6A, 1 chart

Jenkins, Venita JENK002

Jenkins, Venita. “Meadors to succeed Oxendine.” Robesonian Saturday, 10 April 1999: 1A, 10A.

Jenkins, Venita JENK004

Jenkins, Venita. “Meadors: Time to 'beat the bushes.'” Robesonian Friday, 3 September 1999: 1A, 8A.

Jenkins, Venita JENK033

Jenkins, Venita. “Pembroke seeks tribal land swap.” Fayetteville Observer May 21, 2004.

Jenkins, Venita JENK025

Jenkins, Venita. “Indian center supporters hope changes help.” Fayetteville Observer May 12, 2003.

Jenkins, Jay 1114

Jenkins, Jay. “Lowry’s daughter buried by Indians.” Charlotte Observer 2 April 1962: Sec. B p. 1.

Jenkins, Venita JENK023

Jenkins, Venita. “Indian letter stirs tension at Purnell Swett.” Fayetteville Observer November 1, 2002.

Jenkins, Venita JENK001

Jenkins, Venita. “UNCP to honor, say good-bye to James Chavis.” Robesonian 23 April 1998: 1A.

Jenkins, Venita JENK007

Jenkins, Venita. “UNCP's Indian logo draws critics.” Fayetteville Observer Wednesday, 9 May 2001.

Jenkins, Venita JENK009

Jenkins, Venita. “Separate Lumbee group exists online.” Fayetteville Observer Sunday, 20 May 2001.

Jenkins, Paul B. 533

Jenkins, Paul B.  “American Indian Cross-Bow.”  Wisconsin Archeologist 8.4 (1928-29): 132-35.

Jenkins, Venita JENK011

Jenkins, Venita. “Lumbee Indian syphilis rate is high.” Fayetteville Observer Saturday, 9 June 2001.

Jenkins, Venita JENK031

Jenkins, Venita. “Siouan kin contest Lumbee recognition.” Fayetteville Observer April 25, 2004.

Jenkins, Venita JENK026

Jenkins, Venita. “Lumbee Indians plan second referendum.” Fayetteville Observer May 17, 2003.

Jenkins, Venita JENK017

Jenkins, Venita. “Race role in school chief hunt debated.” Fayetteville Observer Wednesday, 24 April 2002.

Jennings, Jan 351

Jennings, Jan.  “Ex-Padre Outfielder Hopes to Make Big Hit as Artist.”  [San Diego, CA] Tribune 29 Sept. 1980.

Johnson, Guy Benton 15

Johnson, Guy Benton. “An Institutional Sketch of the Robeson County Indian Community.” 1951? 22p. Included in entry 468.

Johnson, Guy Benton 15

Johnson, Guy Benton.  “An Institutional Sketch of the Robeson County Indian Community.”  1951?  22p.  [Included in entry 468.]

Johnson, Guy Benton 468

Guy Benton Johnson Papers, 1830-1882, 1901-1987 (Collection number: 3826). Southern Historical Collection. Louis Round Wilson Special Collections Library, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Chapel Hill, North Carolina.

Johnson, Nancy Winora JOHN001

Johnson, Nancy Winora. "Symbolic Representation in Native American Lumbee Art." Masters thesis. University of North Carolina at Pembroke, 2004.