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Ola, Akinshiju C. 1226

Ola, Akinshiju C. “Anyone Who Doesn’t Want to Stand Up Is Crooked or Crazy.” The Guardian: Independent Radical Newsweekly 40.28 (13 April 1988): 7.

Olds, Fred A. 10

Olds, Fred A. “Croatan Indians of North Carolina.” Raleigh Times 8 Nov. 1913.

Olds, Fred A. 10

Olds, Fred A.  “Croatan Indians of North Carolina.”  Raleigh Times 8 Nov. 1913.

Olds, F. A. 8

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Olds, F.A. 8

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Olds, Fred A. OLDS002

Olds, Fred A. "Indian anglers." Forest and stream. February 3, 1912: 147, 60.

Olds, Fred A. OLDS001

Olds, Fred A. “Croatan Indians of North Carolina.” Forest and stream 81 (October 11, 1913), page 458 (2 pages).

Oliver, James Ralph 416

Oliver, James Ralph.  “Development of a Campus Ministry Program by First United Methodist Church, Pembroke, North Carolina.”  Professional Project for Doctorate of Ministry.  Drew U, 1987.

Oliver, James Ralph 416

Oliver, James Ralph.  “Development of a Campus Ministry Program by First United Methodist Church, Pembroke, North Carolina.”  Professional Project for Doctorate of Ministry.  Drew U, 1987.

Oliver, James Ralph 416

Oliver, James Ralph.  “Development of a Campus Ministry Program by First United Methodist Church, Pembroke, North Carolina.”  Professional Project for Doctorate of Ministry.  Drew U, 1987.

Olson, Delmar W. 632

Olson, Delmar W.  “The Lumbee Community: A Proposal to Restore, Reactivate, Recreate, Perpetuate, Promote the Lumbee Culture and to Establish a Lumbee Identity Expressible Within the Totality of the Lumbee Community.”  Written for Lumbee Regional Development Commission.  Unpublished typescript.  5 April 1971.  5 p.

Oriole, Kim 852

Oriole, Kim. “Robeson Creates Race Panel.” Fayetteville Observer 22 March 1988: 1B.

Orlean, Susan 869

Orlean, Susan. “Killing: Pembroke, North Carolina.” Saturday Night. New York: Alfred A. Knopf, 1990. Pp. 95-111 passim.

Ortiz, Simon J. ORTI001

Ortiz, Simon J. “A gift to give and receive: a tribute for Indian children.” Pembroke Magazine no. 27 (1995): 43-44.

Osborne, Ozzie OSBO001

Osborne, Ozzie. “Artist works passionately with clay, sharing skills with kids.” Miami Herald (Florida) Sunday, 3 November 1991: 1B.

Outlaw, Marpessa Dawn OUTL001

Outlaw, Marpessa Dawn. “The red and the black.” Emerge 4.6 (April 30, 1993): 50.

Owen, Guy 323

Owen, Guy.  Journey for Joedel.  New York: Crown, 1970.

Owen, Howard 387

Owen, Howard.  Littlejohn.  1992.  New York: Villard Books, 1993.

Owen, Howard OWEN001

Owen, Howard. Rock of ages. Sag Harbor, NY: Permanent P, 2006.

Owens, Pamela 744

Owens, Pamela.  “Indians Rebel in Carolina.”  Southern Patriot [Southern Conference Educational Fund, Louisville, KY] 31.5 (31 May 1973): 1, 3.  Rpt. in Carolina Indian Voice 14 June 1973: 1, 3.

Owings, Alison OWIN001

Owings, Alison. “A trio of Lumbees. Pamela Brooks Sweeney, Curt Locklear, and Mary and Cummings Jacobs.”  Indian voices: Listening to Native Americans.  New Brunswick, NJ: Rutgers UP, 2011.  37–61.

Oxendine, David B. OXEN007

Oxendine, David B., and Rupert W. Nacoste. "Who would claim to be that, who was not? Evaluations of an ethnic validation procedure." Journal of applied social psychology 37.7 (2007): 1594-1629.

Oxendine, Lisa OXEN006

Oxendine, Lisa Huggins. The pink begonia sister's Caribbean retreat. Lumberton, NC: That I Might Enjoy Life Ministries, 2006.

Oxendine, Joseph B. OXEN003

Oxendine, Joseph B. “Remembering 'Mr. Tom.'” Robeson Remembers (column). Robesonian Sunday, 18 June 2000, pages 1C, 5C.

Oxendine, Linda OXEN011

Oxendine, Linda. "Remembering Adolph Dial: A man for all seasons." Robesonian (Lumberton, NC) September 2, 2013.

Oxendine, Lloyd E. 331

Oxendine, Lloyd E.  “23 Contemporary Indian Artists.”  Art in America 60.4 (July-August 1972): 58-60+.

Oxendine, Clifton 196

Oxendine, Clifton, and Mrs. J. T. Sampson.  “O. R. Sampson and Anderson Locklear Memorialized at Pembroke College.”  Robesonian 22 March 1949: 4.

Oxendine, Lisa Huggins OXEN012

Oxendine, Lisa Huggins. "Critical factors related to communication of nutrition information targeting Lumbee women in Robeson County, NC." Dissertation Abstracts International: Section B: The Sciences and Engineering, Vol 76(5-B)(E), 2015.

Oxendine, Clifton 50

Oxendine, Clifton. "A Social and Economic History of the Indians of Robeson County, North Carolina." Thesis. George Peabody College for Teachers, 1934.

Oxendine, David Bryan OXEN008

Oxendine, David Bryan. "The effects of social exclusion threat and justifications on perceived fairness of an ethnic validation procedure: Implications for Lumbee federal recognition." Dissertation. North Carolina State U, 2004.

Oxendine, Olivia OXEN013

Oxendine, Olivia. "The Elder Teachers Project: Finding promise in the past." In: American Indian Women of Proud Nations: Essays on History, Language, and Education. Ed. Cherry M. Beasley, Mary A. Jacobs, and Ulrike Wiethaus. New York: Peter Lang, 2016. Pages 92-102.

Oxendine, Reginald Lee 260

Oxendine, Reginald Lee.  "A Study of Participation in Adult Education Programs of American Indians in a North Carolina Correctional Institution."  Diss.  North Carolina State U, 1982.

Oxendine, Clifton 190

Oxendine, Clifton.  “Pembroke State College for Indians: Historical Sketch.”  North Carolina Historical Review 22.1 (Jan. 1945): 22-33.

Oxendine, Carol Smith 1023

Oxendine, Carol Smith, comp. Twelfth Census of Population, 1900. North Carolina Vol. 56 E. D.s 100-122 (Indian Population). Pembroke, NC: Lumbee Regional Development Association, 1982. [Alternate title: 1900 federal census information of Indians of Robeson County, North Carolina.] Key source

Oxendine, David Bryan OXEN009

Oxendine, David Bryan. Perceived fairness of an ethnic validation procedure: implications for Lumbee federal recognition. Saarbrucken, Germany: VDM Verlag Dr. Muller, 2007.

Oxendine, Joseph OXEN004

Oxendine, Joseph. “UNC Pembroke: the decade of the 90s.” Robesonian Thursday, 13 May 1999: 4A.

Oxendine, Joseph B. OXEN001

Oxendine, Joseph B. “Indian mascots derogatory to Native Americans.” Charlotte Observer 10 March 1999.

Oxendine, Kelvin Ray OXEN010

Oxendine, Kelvin Ray. Seven generations: Ancestors of the present day Lumbee. Raleigh, NC: Lulu P, 2015. 158 p.

Oxendine, Joseph B. 905

Oxendine, Joseph B. American Indian Sports Heritage. Champaign, IL: Human Kinetics Books, 1988. Pp. 275, 299-303.

Oxendine, David OXEN002

Oxendine, David. “Racial identity development among Lumbee American Indian college students on a predominantly white campus.” Diss (Counselor Education). North Carolina State U, 1995. 122 pages.

O’Kane, Dan ROOT001

O'Kane, Dan. “Roots and reality: Sampson must 'have a cause' to stay on top.” Tulsa World (Oklahoma) 14 March 2000.

O’Mara, Richard OMAR002

O'Mara, Richard. “Lumbee Indians seek end to a century of questions about identity.” Baltimore Sun (Maryland) Tuesday, 12 October 1993: 1A.

Packer, Melissa PACK001

Packer, Melissa, April Oxendine, and Karen Woodell. "Syphilis Elimination in Robeson County: Challenges of Addressing the Problem among Sex Workers." North Carolina medical journal 67.5 (2006): 381-83.

Padget, Cindy D. PADG001

Padget, Cindy D. “The Lost Indians of the Lost Colony: a critical legal study of the Lumbee Indians of North Carolina.”American Indian Law Review 21.2 (1997): 391-423.

Padgett, Thomas J. 1070

Padgett, Thomas J., and J. Chris Baroody. Final report. Archaeological survey and evaluation. US 74 Maxton Bypass, Robeson and Scotland Counties. Project no. R-77. N.C. Dept. of Transportation, Jan. 1981. MS. on file, Planning and Research Branch, N.C. Dept. of Transportation. 13 p.

Padrusch, David W. AFTE001

Aftershock: Beyond the Civil War. DVD (91 min.) A History Channel production. Dir. David W. Padrusch. Prod. Matt Koed. New York : A&E Home Video; dist. by New Video, 2007. A&E Home Video item AAE-77017.

Paredes, J. Anthony PARE001

Paredes, J. Anthony. “Paradoxes of modernism and Indianness in the Southeast.” American Indian Quarterly 19.3 (Summer 1995): 341-60. Key source

Parker, Alison E. PARK002

Parker, Alison E., Halberstadt, Amy G., Dunsmore, Julie C., Townley, Greg, Bryant, Alfred, Thompson, Julie A.  "'Emotions are a window into one's heart': A qualitative analysis of parental beliefs about children's emotions across three ethnic groups: I. Introduction." Monographs of the Society for Research in Child Development, Vol 77(3), Sep, 2012. pp. 1-25.

Parker, Alison E. PARK003

Parker, Alison E., Halberstadt, Amy G., Dunsmore, Julie C., Townley, Greg, Bryant, Alfred, Thompson, Julie A., Beale, Karen S. "'Emotions are a window into one's heart': A qualitative analysis of parental beliefs about children's emotions across three ethnic groups: IV. Results." Monographs of the Society for Research in Child Development, Vol 77(3), Sep, 2012. pp. 43-80.

Parker, Alison E. PARK004

Parker, Alison E., Halberstadt, Amy G., Dunsmore, Julie C., Townley, Greg, Bryant, Alfred, Thompson, Julie A., Beale, Karen S. "'Emotions are a window into one's heart': A qualitative analysis of parental beliefs about children's emotions across three ethnic groups: V. Discussion." Monographs of the Society for Research in Child Development, Vol 77(3), Sep, 2012. pp. 81-106.

Parker, Alison PARK001

Parker, Alison E., et al. Emotions are a window into one's heart: a qualitative analysis of parental beliefs about children's emotions across three ethnic groups. Monographs of the Society for Research in Child Development, vol. 77, no. 3. Ed. Collins, W. Andrew. Boston: Wiley-Blackwell, 2012.

Parker Jr., Roy 931

Parker, Roy, Jr. “Lumbees Leaving Robeson for Baltimore City Life.” News and Observer 5 Nov. 1967: Sec. 1 p. 6.

Parramore, Thomas C. 36

Parramore, Thomas C.  North Carolina: The History of an American State.  Englewood Cliffs, NJ: Prentice-Hall, 1983.  Pp. 55-56, 292-94.

Parsons, Elsie Clews 286

Parsons, Elsie Clews.  “Folk-lore of the Cherokee of Robeson County, North Carolina.”  Journal of American Folklore 32.125 (July-Sept. 1919): 384-93.

Paskett, Electra PASK003

Paskett, Electra, et al. "Randomized trial of an intervention to improve mammography utilization among a triracial rural population of women." Journal of the National Cancer Institute 98.17 (2006): 1226-37.

Pate, Albert F. 1029

Pate, Albert F. “... At Your Beginnings ...” Ezekiel, Chapter 36. Goldsboro, NC: Albert F. Pate, 1988. 181 p.

Pate, Albert F. 1038

Pate, Albert F. The search for Johnny Chevin: being a poetic quest out of the most ancient records and oldest traditions for descendants of Sir Walter Raleigh's Lost Colony. Pikeville, NC: A. F. Pate, 1991.

Pate, J.L. PATE001

Pate, J.L. “Burr talks economy, Lumbee recognition.” Laurinburg Exchange [Laurinburg, NC] August 15, 2014.

Pate, J.L. 256

Pate, J. L.  “PSU Cheers Rededication of Old Main.”  Fayetteville Observer 17 Feb. 1980: 1A.

Patterson, Oscar PATT001

Patterson, Oscar, III. “The press held hostage: terrorism in a small North Carolina town.” American Journalism 15.4 (Fall 1998): 125-39.

Patterson, Dennis 673

Patterson, Dennis.  “Lumbees Await Word from Congress on Recognition.”  Charlotte Observer 3 Aug. 1988: 3E.

Patterson, Dennis 838

Patterson, Dennis. “Pembroke Editor Fights Odds to Fulfill Dream.” Robesonian [Lumberton, NC] 8 March 1984: 2A.

Payne, Alton W. 367

Payne, Alton W. “‘A Fool’s Errand’: The Discovery of a Proto-Lumbee Language. The True Origin of the Lumbee Indians.” Unpublished typescript. Sept. 1989. 34 p.

Pearce, Haywood J. 539

Pearce, Haywood J.  “New Light on the Roanoke Colony: A Preliminary Examination of a Stone Found in Chowan County, North Carolina.”  Journal of Southern History 4.2 (May 1938): [148]-63.

Pearmain, John 1140

Pearmain, John. Report ... on Conditions of the Indians in Robeson County. Washington: Resettlement Admin., 11 Nov. 1935. [National Archives and Records Admin., Washington, DC. File 64190-1935-066-General Services.] [IERC] [Lumbee Petition, exhibit A1)5]

Pearmain, John 1139

Pearmain, John. “Reservation”: Siouan Tribe of Indians of Robeson County, North Carolina. Indian Office Handbook of Information. Washington: Bureau of Indian Affairs, U.S. Dept. of Interior, compiled Oct. 1935.

Peck, John Gregory 933

Peck, John Gregory. Education of Urban Indians: Lumbee Indians in Baltimore. (National Study of American Indian Education, Series II, no. 3.) Washington: Office of Education, Bureau of Research, Aug. 1969. ERIC ED 039 977

Peck, John Gregory 944

Peck, John Gregory. “Urban Station–Migration of the Lumbee Indians.” Diss. U of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, 1972. [UNC-G]

Peck, John Gregory 103

Peck, John Gregory.  “Community Background Reports: Robeson County, North Carolina: Lumbee Indians.”  The National Study of American Indian Education.  Series I, No. 1.  Final Report.  Washington: Office of Education, Bureau of Research, Aug. 1969.  12 p.  ERIC ED 039 077

Peebles, Lucy Gray 899

Peebles, Lucy Gray. “Lumbee Recreation Park Exceeds Dreams.” The Lumbee 11 Nov. 1965: 1.

Peebles, Lucy Gray 1157

Peebles, Lucy Gray. “Co-Op Will Disband After 29 Years.” The Lumbee 26 Jan. 1967: 1. [PSU-MLL]

Peguise, Tiffany 910

Peguise, Tiffany. “Coming Home: Martial Arts Expert Buffaloe Returns to Pembroke ...” Robesonian 30 June 1993: 1B.

Perdue, Theda PERD002

 Perdue, Theda. “The legacy of Indian removal.” Journal of Southern history 78. 1 (February 2012): 3–36.

Perdue, Theda 38

Perdue, Theda.  Native Carolinians: The Indians of North Carolina.  Raleigh: Div. of Archives and History, North Carolina Dept. of Cultural Resources, 1985.  Pp. 45-52.

Perdue, Theda 686

Perdue, Theda.  “Native Southerners.”  Southern Changes [Atlanta: Southern Regional Council] 11.5 (Nov. 1989): 1, 4-8.

Perseghin, G. 945

Perseghin, G. “Inner City Indians Enrolled.” Catholic Review 24 March 1972.

Peters, Brian PETE003

Peters, Brian. “Fighting isolation: How four Native women created change at UNC–Chapel Hill.” American Indian Quarterly, vol. 42, no. 3, summer 2018, pp. 344-374.

Peterson, Stacy PETE001

Peterson, Stacy. “Strong man Collins powers way to world record.” Fayetteville Observer (Fayetteville, NC) Friday, 12 January 2001.

Peterson, Stacy PETE002

Peterson, Stacy. “Dr. Ruth Dial Woods: Coming full circle.” Fayetteville Observer Sunday, 26 May 2002.

Phelps, Jodi W. PHEL001

Phelps, Jodi W. “Distinguished alumni Drs. Waltz and Louise Maynor pledge $50,000 to American Indian Studies Department.” University of North Carolina at Pembroke. May 19, 2016

Philips, Gregory BLOG039

Phillips, Gregory. "Bids sought to run Pembroke's Riverside Golf Course." Fayetteville Observer. February 17, 2011.

Phillips, Dale Ray PHIL001

Phillips, Dale Ray. “At the edge of the New World.” Ploughshares 22.2-3 (Fall 1996): 46- .  (approx. 12 pages)

Phillips, Jamarlo PHIL002

Phillips, Jamarlo. "Robeson County School Board short of funds to replace vehicles damaged after flood." December 14, 2016.

Pierce, Charles F. 1324

Pierce, Charles F. [Visit Among the Croatan Indians, Living in the Vicinity of Pembroke, North Carolina.] Report, in the Field at Pipestone, Minn., to the Commissioner of Indian Affairs, U.S. Indian Service, Dept. of the Interior, 2 Mar. 1912. [National Archives and Records Admin., Washington, D.C. File 23202-1912-123 General Services.] [IERC] [Lumbee Petition, Exhibit A30] Summarized in entry 62.

Pierce, Julia PIER001

Pierce, Julia. "Julian Pierce '76: an attorney who was 'for the people.'" Of counsel [North Carolina Central University] 2003-2004: 2-3.

Pierce, Charles F. 62

Pierce, Charles F.  “The Croatan Indians of North Carolina.”  Indian School Journal [US Indian School, Chilocco, Oklahoma] 13.7 (March 1913): [303]-306.

Pierce, Julian T. 57

Lumbee River Legal Services. The Lumbee Petition.  Prepared in cooperation with the Lumbee Tribal Enrollment Office.  Julian T. Pierce and Cynthia Hunt-Locklear, authors.  Jack Campisi and Wesley White, consultants.  Pembroke, NC: Lumbee River Legal Services, 1987.

Pietila, Antero 935

Pietila, Antero. “Indian Study Center to Open.” Baltimore Sun 12 June 1970.

Pitts, Lewis 1278

Pitts, Lewis. “Available Evidence Warrants an Investigation.” Robesonian 27 April 1989: 4A.

Pitts, Myron BLOG040

Pitts, Myron. "Pitts: Tuscarara fights for hunting rights." Fayetteville Observer. January 30, 2011.

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Pleasants, Paul.  “Our Mysterious Indians.”  The State [Charlotte, NC] 20.26 (29 Nov. 1952): 9-11.

Plott, Monte 1223

Plott, Monte. “Tolerance of Drugs Blamed for N.C. County’s Troubles.” Atlanta Journal and Constitution 3 April 1988: 8A.

Plott, Monte 1222

Plott, Monte. “Slain Indian Activist Eulogized as ‘Real Hero’ at N.C. Funeral Service.” Atlanta Constitution 31 Mar. 1988: 3.

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Pollitt, Phoebe. “The Lumbee Indian Nurses.” Minority Nurse, Springer Publishing Company. November 19, 2015.

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Powell, Rasby M. MARS003

Marson, Stephen M., and Rasby Marlene Powell. “Churners: a focus group analysis of the return rate of former rural TANF recipients.” Policy & Practice of Public Human Services 58.4 (December 2000): 44-49.

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 Robeson County NCGenWeb [part of The U.S. GenWeb Project]. Maintained by Victoria Proctor. 

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Quillin, Martha QUIL003

Quillin, Martha. "Misery now, a struggle ahead for Robeson County after flooding from Hurricane Matthew." News and Observer [Raleigh, NC] October 15, 2016.

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Railey, John RAIL002

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Railey, John RAIL001

Railey, John. “Some Baptists see new day.” Winston-Salem Journal Sunday, 30 May 1999: B1, B3.

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