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Abel, David E. ABEL001

Abel, David E., and Chad A. Grotegut. “King Syndrome in pregnancy.” Obstetrics & Gynecology 101 no. 5 part 2 (May 2003): 1146-1149 .

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Allsbrook, Dana G. “Idiomatic structures in the Lumbee dialect.” North Carolina Central U, 1999.

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Alspaugh, Pat. “She Tries to Help Indians Create Pride in Themselves.” Greensboro Daily News 7 Dec. 1977: B3.

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Anderson, Forrest ANDE003

 Anderson, Forrest. "Coupons." The South Carolina Review 40.2 (April 2008):19-27

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Anderson, Ryan K. “Lumbee kinship, community, and the success of the Red Banks Mutual Association.” American Indian Quarterly 23.2 (Spring 1999): 39-58. Key source

Anderson, Forrest ANDE002

Anderson, Forrest. “The Night Power Came to the Reservation.” The Louisville Review: A literary magazine [Lexington, KY: Spaulding University] 59.Spring (2006): 154-64.

Andrews, Al 113

Andrews, Al.  “Indians File Suit in School Dispute.”  News and Observer (Raleigh, NC) 11 Sept. 1970:  3.

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Angell, G. Brent, and G. Mark Jones. “Recidivism, risk, and resiliency among North American Indian parolees and former prisoners: an examination of the Lumbee First Nation.” Journal of ethnic & cultural diversity in social work 12.2 (2003): 61-77.

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Applebome, Peter. “Behind Hostage Case, Issues of Rural Justice.” New York Times 8 Feb. 1988: 1.

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Arendell, Banks. “‘Shake’ cheats the hangman.” The State 39.13 (1 Dec. 1971): 17-18.

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Arrowood, Charles F. “The outlaws of Scuffletown.” Unpublished typescript. N.d. 14 p. 

Ash, Mary Callis ASH0001

Ash, Mary Callis. "Contributions to a herpetological community of practice: Funds of knowledge of Lumbee youth." Diss. Greensboro, NC: U of North Carolina at Greensboro, 2015.

Ash, Andrew N. 1063

Ash, Andrew N. A Preliminary Natural Areas Inventory of the Lumber River Floodplain. A Report Submitted to the North Carolina Natural Heritage Program [and] North Carolina Nature Conservancy. [Raleigh]: NC Dept. of Environment, Health, and Natural Resources, 14 Nov. 1990.

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Ashe, S. A.  “Correct Names of Indians in Robeson County.”  [article, 192?]  [UNC-WL Clippings File, “Indians of North Carolina,” vol. 3, p. 39.]

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Ashe, S. A.  “The Croatans.”  News and Observer 20 Oct. 1933: 4.

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Ater, Elma Louise.  "A Historical Study of the Singing Conventions of the Indians of Robeson County, North Carolina." Thesis.  Ohio State U, 1943.

Avary, James C. 991

Avary, James C. “Are There Croatans in Georgia? A Peculiar Race of People There, Said to Have Gone from North Carolina. Correspondence from New York Sun.” [Newspaper article, 27 Dec. 1909]

Bailey, Anna BAIL001

Bailey, Anna. ''It is the center to which we should cling': Indian schools in Robeson County, North Carolina, 1900-1920." The history of discrimination in U.S. education: marginality, agency, and power. Ed. Eileen H. Tamura. New York: Palgrave McMillan, 2008. Pp 67-90.

Bailey, Sean M. 1283

Bailey, Sean M. “Lawyers Deny Claim They Filed Frivolous Lawsuit Against State.” News and Observer 8 Aug. 1989: 1C.

Bailey, Anna BAIL002

Bailey, Anna. “How Scuffletown became Indian Country: Political change and transformations in Indian identity in Robeson County, North Carolina, 1865-1956.” Dissertation. U of Washington, 2008.

Baily, Waldron 285

Baily, Waldron. The Homeward Trail. New York: W. J. Watt, 1916. 313 p

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Baker, Fred A. Report on Siouan Tribe of Indians in Robeson County, North Carolina. Washington: Bureau of Indian Affairs, US Dept. of Interior, 9 July 1935. [IERC] [National Archives and Records Admin., Washington, DC. File 37889-1935-310-(?) Cherokee, filed with 36208-1935-310-General Services, Central Classified Files, 1907-1939, RG 75.] [Lumbee Petition, Exhibit A58]

Baker, Donald P. 746

Baker, Donald P.  “Lack of Education Is Factor in Acquittal of Indians.”  Washington Post 26 Dec. 1973: A2.

Baker, Lisa BAKE001

Baker, Lisa; Sandra Cross; Linda Greaver; Gon Wei; Regina Lewis; and Healthy Start CORPS. "Prevalence of postpartum depression in a Native American population." Maternal and child health journal 9.1 (March 2005): 21-25.

Baker, Nancy Roux-Teepen 488

Baker, Nancy Roux-Teepen.  “American Indian Women in an Urban Setting.”  Diss.  Ohio State U, 1982.

Balcerzak, Ashley BALC001

Balcerzak, Ashley. ‘Hope to hopelessness’: Will government step up after second storm? Webpage. Abandoned in America. Part 2. Center for Public Integrity, October 10, 2018.

Ball, David BALL002

Ball, David. The swamp outlaws: The Civil War story of Henry Berry Lowery and his North Carolina Indian raiders. Bloomington, IN: 1st Books Library, 1999. 345 pages.

Another edition: Swamp outlaw: Henry Berry Lowery and his Civil War gang. Bloomington, IN: AuthorHouse, 2011. Key source

Banks, Alicia BANK002

Banks, Alicia. "Robeson County Schools unsure of reopening date." Fayetteville Observer [Fayetteville, NC] October 27, 2016.

Banks, Dennis BANK001

Banks, Dennis. "Tribute to my Indian friends [letter to the editor]. Robesonian [Lumberton, NC] July 26, 2016.

Banks, Alicia BANK004

Banks, Alicia. "Embattled Robeson County school board draws ire of nearly 150 at forum." Fayetteville Observer [North Carolina] January 19, 2017.

Barbee, Daniel G. BARB001

Barbee, Daniel G. Tracking county responses to welfare reform. Unpublished report. August 10, 2002.

Barkley, Key L. 494

494.     Barkley, Key L.  “Inter- and Intra-Group Levels of Esteem among Three Ethnic Groups.”  Journal of Negro Education 54.1 (1985): 56-70.

Barnes, Billy E. 31

Good to Be an Indian: Proud and Free.  Videotape.  Prod. Billy E. Barnes.  Title IV, Part A Indian Education Project, Robeson County Board of Education, 1980.  20 min.

Barnes, Greg BARN001

Barnes, Greg. "5 weeks after Matthew: Governor, hurricane recovery committee talk recovery for Lumberton." Fayetteville Observer [North Carolina] November 15, 2016.

Barnes, Billy E. 1398

Study Prints. Billy E. Barnes, designer. Lumberton: Title IV, Part A Indian Education Project, Robeson County Board of Education, 1979. [IERC]

Barnes, Greg BARN002

Barnhill, Jane Blanks. Sacred Grounds: "Gone but Not Forgotten". St. Pauls, NC: Jane Blanks Barnhill, 2007. 374 p. Key source

Barnes, Bahnson Neil 75

Barnes, Bahnson N.  "A History of the Robeson County School System."  Thesis.  U of  North Carolina, 1931.

Barnett, Barbara 578b

Barnett, Barbara.  “Historian Claims Evidence for Theory on Lost Colony.”  Charlotte Observer 3 Feb. 1986: B1-2.

Barnhill, Jane Blanks BARN002

Barnhill, Jane Blanks. Sacred Grounds: "Gone but Not Forgotten". St. Pauls, NC: Jane Blanks Barnhill, 2007. 374 p. Key source

Barnhill, Jane Blanks BARN003

Barnhill, Jane Blanks. Sacred grounds: Robeson County, NC Indian cemeteries

Barreiro, Jose 1257

Barreiro, José. “One Murder Too Many: The Assassination of Julian Pierce.” Daybreak 2.2 (Midwinter 1988): 14.

Barreiro, Jose 1256

Barreiro, José. “Drug Terror at Lumbee: Does Justice Mean ‘Just-Us’ in Robeson County?” Daybreak 2.2 (Midwinter 1988): 13, 15-16, 28-29, 35.

Barreiro, José 1030

Barreiro, José, and Steve Wall. “Lumbee Country: Portraits of Elders.” Northeast Indian Quarterly 5.2 (Summer 1988): 13-33.

Barton, Gary Lewis BART002

Barton, Garry Lewis. “Why'd y'all slap my daddy's face?” Carolina Indian Voice 18 February 1999: 2.

Barton, Lewis Randolph 788

Barton, Lewis Randolph. “Contrasts.” Robesonian [Lumberton, NC] 19 July 1954: 10.

Barton, Bruce 415

Barton, Bruce.  Religious Experience an Important Part of Lumbee Heritage.  Pembroke:  Lumbee Regional Development Association, June 1984.  197 p.

Barton, Bruce 56

Barton, Bruce. An Indian manifesto: Bruce Barton’s The best of—As I see it: The sometimes irreverent but always honest columns as they appeared in the “Carolina Indian Voice” newspaper over the last ten years by Bruce Barton, editor; with some “Musings” by Ol’ Reasonable Locklear. A special ten year anniversary edition, 1973-1983. Pembroke, NC: The Carolina Indian Voice, 1983.

Barton, Lew 319

Barton, Lew.  Rhythm a Little Lumbee.  An Amerind Good Will Publication.  N.p: n.p., 1961.  24p.

Barton, Bruce BART010

Barton, Bruce. “Thinking out loud about the Tribal Council, LRDA, life's vagaries etc. . .” Carolina Indian Voice Thursday, 29 March 2001: 2.

Barton, Bruce BART006

Barton, Bruce. “As I See It (column): Dwight Lowry remembered at the NCHSAA.” Carolina Indian Voice Thursday, February 10, 2000: page 2.

Barton, Bruce BART009

Barton, Bruce. “Danford Dial remembered.” As I See It (column). Carolina Indian Voice Thursday, November 16, 2000: page 1.

Barton, Bruce BART013

Barton, Bruce. “As I See It (column): Herbert H. Locklear remembered.” Carolina Indian Voice 27 April 2000: 2.

Barton, Bruce BART008

Barton, Bruce. “As I see it (column): I call on Lumbee SDC to change location of swearing in of Tribal Council & Chairman to a more historic & symbolic place.” Carolina Indian Voice Thursday, January 4, 2001: page 2.

Barton, Lew 407

Barton, Lew.  “Day Starts Early, Ends Late for This Friend of Mankind.”  Robesonian 23 March 1959: 5.

Barton, Bruce BART012

Barton, Bruce. “As I See It (column): White male files discrimination complaint at RCC.” Carolina Indian Voice 18 May 2001: 2.

Barton, Lew 212

Barton, Lew.  “‘De-Indianization’ Trend Observed at Pembroke U.”  Robesonian 18 Nov. 1971: 27.

Barton, Gary Lewis BART001

Barton, Garry Lewis. “Through Native Eyes premiers May 1st at UNC-P.” Carolina Indian Voice 11 March 1999: 1.

Barton, Bruce 1122

Barton, Bruce. “Henry Berry Lowry and the Lumbee Indians.” Lutheran Women 13.5 (May 1975): 3-7.

Barton, Lew 1121

Barton, Lew. “Henry Berry Lowry, Lumbee guerilla warrior of Reconstruction days.” Carolina Indian Voice 1.7 (14 Sept. 1972). 

Barton, Gary Lewis BART003

Barton, Garry Lewis. “Henry Berry, a bigger-than-life hero.” Carolina Indian Voice 21 January 1999: 2.

Barton, Bruce 994

Barton, Bruce. “Robeson County Indian Migration to the Claxton, Georgia Area.” Unpublished typescript. Dec. 1985. 300p. [IERC]

Barton, Bruce BART014

Barton, Bruce. " 'Double voting' in Robeson County: A reminder of an unequal past." Tar Heel Junior Historian Fall 2004.

Barton, Lew BARTL01

Barton, Lew [Lewis Randolph]. Beside the trickling brook: a collection of poems by Lew Barton. Pembroke, NC: Barton House Publishing, 2001.

Barton, Peggy 754

Barton, Peggy, and Darlene Locklear.  “BIA Building Homes for Recognized Indians in Robeson.”  Carolina Indian Voice 6 Oct. 1977: 7.

Barton, Lew 345

Barton, Lew.  “List of Common Lumbee Terms.”  Unpublished typescript.  N.d.  9 p.

Barton, Lew 782

Barton, Lew. “A Report on the Robeson County Indian.” Robesonian 18 May 1949: 4.

Barton, Garry Lewis BART005

Barton, Garry Lewis. “I'm not a bad apple, folk.” Carolina Indian Voice 29 October 1998:2.

Barton, Lew 328

Barton, Lew.  “Me-Told Tales Along the Lumbee.”  North Carolina Folklore 19.4 (Nov. 1971): 173-76. Rpt. in Carolina Indian Voice  21 April 1977: 3.

Barton, Bruce BART007

Barton, Bruce. “Looking back while walking forward (column): 'Distinguished visitor, extraordinary application.” Carolina Indian Voice Thursday, February 10, 2000: 2.

Barton, Bruce BART011

Barton, Bruce. “UNC-Pembroke seeks new image.” (Editorial column--“As I See It.”) Carolina Indian Voice Thursday, 5 April 2000: page 2.

Barton, Lew 633

Barton, Lew.  “Evidence of legal ‘Indianness’ shown in long-lost document.”  Robesonian 6 Dec. 1971: 11.

Barton, Gary Lewis 1124

Barton, Garry Lewis. The Life and Times of Henry Berry Lowry. Pembroke: Lumbee Pub. Co., 1979. New edition. N.p.: Published and printed by Garry Lewis Barton, Feb. 1992. 

Barton, Lew 410

Barton, Lew.  “Most Influential Man Among the Lumbee Dies.”  The Lumbee 1 Feb. 1968: 1.

Barton, Lew 1154

Barton, Lew, and Simeon Oxendine. “Amaziah Chavis: The Success Story of One Lumbee Farmer.” Scottish Chief 21 May 1958. [PSU-MLL. PSU Clippings File]

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Barton, Lew. “Lumbee Indians Honored Seawell with 1959 ‘First American Award’.” The Lumbee 13 Jan. 1966: 2.

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Barton, Lew. The most ironic story in American history: An authoritative, documented history of the Lumbee Indians of North Carolina. Charlotte, NC: Associated Printing Corp., 1967.

Barton, Lew 406

Barton, Lew.  “Lumbee Leader Has Lived a Full and Fruitful Life.” Robesonian 5 Feb. 1959: 16.

Barton, Garry Lewis BART004

Barton, Garry Lewis. “Ranting and raving (column): Every rose has a thorn...” Carolina Indian Voice 28 January 1999:2.

Basinger, Alice A. BASI001

Basinger, Alice A., et al. "Glutaric acidemia type 1 in patients of Lumbee heritage from North Carolina." Brief communication. Molecular genetics and metabolism 88.1 (2006): 90-92. DOI: 10.1016/j.ymgme.2005.12.008.

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Bates, Denise Eileen. “Up from obscurity: Indian rights activism and the development of tribal-state relations in the 1970s and 1980s Deep South.” Ph.D. U of Arizona, 2007.

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Bathurst, Sheldon. “An American warrior.” Marine Corps Gazette 82.11 (November 1998): 96- .

Batten, Sammy BATT003

Batten, Sammy, and James Locklear. “Pembroke still a close-knit town.” Fayetteville Observer-Times (North Carolina) 7 January 1999 (Thursday).

Batten, Sammy BATT001

Batten, Sammy. “Lowry's love of children was foremost.” Fayetteville Observer-Times (North Carolina) 15 August 1997.

Batten, James K. 928

Batten, James K. “Lumbee Indians Flock to ‘Reservation’ in Baltimore.” Washington Post 8 Jan. 1967: B10.

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Bauerlein, Valerie BAUE001

Bauerlein, Valerie, Cameron McWhirter, and Paul Overberg. "Hurricane Matthew Hits a North Carolina Tribe Particularly Hard." Wall Street Journal October 14, 2016.

Baxley, Rodd BAXL006

Baxley, Rodd. “Robeson County athletes, coaches answer call for help.” Robesonian (Lumberton, NC). October 14, 2016. 

Baxley, Jaymie BAXL005

Baxley, Jaymie. “Author explores her Lumbee heritage in new book.” The Robesonian (Lumberton, NC). May 30, 2016

Baxley, Jaymie BAXL003

Baxley, Jaymie. “Robeson County rocker on red carpet – | Sevendust guitarist talks Grammy nomination.” The Robesonian (Lumberton, NC). February 27, 2016

Baxley, Jaymie BAXL004

Baxley, Jaymie. “Pembroke attorney sworn in as judge.” The Robesonian (Lumberton, NC). June 3, 2016

Baxley, Jaymie BAXL002

Baxley, Jaymie. “Brick by Brick: Lumbee Tribal Housing Complex - | Behind the tribe’s turtle-shaped HQ.” The Robesonian (Lumberton, NC). October 3, 2015

Baxley, Jaymie SHIL020

Baxley, Jaymie. “Miss Lumbee suspended in music video controversy.” Richmond County Daily Journal (Rockingham, NC) January 21, 2016. 

Baxter, James Phinney 510

Baxter, James Phinney.  “Raleigh’s Lost Colony.”  New England Magazine n.s. 11 (1894-1895): 565-87.

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Bayes, Ronald H., ed. North Carolina’s 400 Years: Signs Along the Way. An Anthology of Poems by North Carolina Poets to Celebrate America’s 400th Anniversary. Durham: Acorn P, 1986.

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 Beckwith, Evelina Gilbert.  "A Study of the Physical Equipment and Teaching Personnel of the Indian Schools of Robeson County, North Carolina." Thesis.  U of North Carolina, 1950.


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Biank, Tanya S. BIAN002

Biank, Tanya S. “NAACP protests hiring in Robeson school system.” Fayetteville Observer-Times (North Carolina) 4 April 1996 (Thursday).

Biank, Tanya S. BIAN003

Biank, Tanya S. “Race an open issue in Robeson County.” Fayetteville Observer-Times 26 October 1996

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Bigelow, Scott BIGE003

Bigelow, Scott. "No easy fix to school funding." Robesonian [Lumberton, NC]. February 10, 2018.

Bigelow, Scott BIGE004

Bigelow, Scott. “Cooper signs legislation that opens funding doors for Lumbee Tribe.” Robesonian [Lumberton, NC]. July 25, 2019.

Bigelow, Scott 178

Bigelow, Scott.  “Rev. McLean: Early Presbyterian Leader.”  Robesonian 13 Dec. 1992: 4A.

Bigelow, Scott BIGE002

Bigelow, Scott. “Kelvin Sampson comes home to Pembroke.” University Newswire (University of North Carolina at Pembroke) April 29, 2003. Reprinted in: Carolina Indian Voice May 1, 2003, p. 1.

Bigelow, Scott 177

Bigelow, Scott.  “Top School Post Is Offered to Purnell Swett.”  Robesonian 2 Dec. 1992: 1A, 10A.

Bigelow, Scott BIGE001

Bigelow, Scott. "Pembroke honored as state’s top small town." Robesonian [Lumberton, NC]. November 30, 2017.

Bigelow, Scott BIGE005

Bigelow, Scott. "Tuscaroras plan to appeal recognition rejection." Robesonian [Lumberton, NC]. October 2, 2019.

Bigelow, Scott BIGE002

Bigelow, Scott. "Enrollment dip to cost schools $1 million." Robesonian [Lumberton, NC]. December 12, 2017.

Bigelow, Scott 877

Bigelow, Scott. “Indian Group Wants House District.” Robesonian 16 April 1991: 1A.

Bigelow, Scott 380

Bigelow, Scott.  “SATW Move to I-95 Pondered.”  Robesonian 22 May 1991: 1A.

Bigelow, Scott BIGE001

Bigelow, Scott. “Scholarship established to honor Dexter Brooks.” Press release, University of North Carolina at Pembroke, 17 April 2002.

Bigelow, Scott 173

Bigelow, Scott.  “Race, School Choice Not Only Achievement Factors.”  Robesonian 24 July 1991: C1.