Projects Showcase

  • Garden Creek Virtual Exhibit

    Created by Cameron Blumhardt for an undergraduate departmental honors thesis project, the Garden Creek virtual exhibit explores novel approaches for creating and curating virtual museums specifically for small-scale archaeological excavations.
  • Digital Humanities Lab

    The Digital Humanities Lab at Appalachian State University is the home for all digital humanities projects that combine expertise in the humanities disciplines with technological skills and it provides is a visual platform to communicate the innovation in research and scholarship thriving on App State's campus.
  • Mapping LGBTQ+ History in Watauga County

    Although Watauga County, like the rest of Southern Appalachia, has been historically stereotyped as heteronormative and homophobic, LGBTQ+ individuals exist here. This project highlights important places to local LGBTQ+ history and those who bettered their communities by educating, supporting, and being themselves. We combine mapping, archival material, and historical research to illuminate the history and culture of Watauga county's LGBTQ+ communities.