The urban American Indian

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Sorkin, Alan L. The urban American Indian. Lexington, M.A.: Lexington Books, 1978. Pp. 72-75.


Brief mentions, under “Indian Neighborhoods,” of the Lumbee settlement in Baltimore. Notes that as of this writing, 60% of the Lumbees lived in East Baltimore within six blocks of Baltimore Street . Most of the others lived in an area of 10-15 blocks around Baltimore Street. In Baltimore, most Lumbee reported having no contact with Blacks but repeated contact with Whites. Most were tenants of apartments or furnished rooms that were in poor condition. Notes (p. 110) that the Indian Center in Lincoln, Nebraska, formed in June, 1969 to assist that city's 1,440 Native American residents, represented Lumbee people among the tribes served and included a Lumbee Board member.

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