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Witten, Scott 682

Witten, Scott.  “Lumbees Use Cheraw Link in Effort for Recognition.”  Robesonian 2 April 1989: 1A.

Witten, Scott WITT019

Witten, Scott. “Park grows by 183 acres.” Robesonian 29 March 2002.

Witten, Scott 271

Witten, Scott.  “Discussion at PSU Forum Centers on Race of School’s Next Chancellor.”  Robesonian 15 Nov. 1988: 1A.

Witten, Scott WITT012

Witten, Scott. “Tribal Council receives funds for housing.” Robesonian 13 August 2001.

Witten, Scott WITT010

Witten, Scott. “Bill Includes $50,000 for Indian Cultural Center.” Robesonian 12 November 2001.

Witten, Scott WITT017

Witten, Scott. “Local firm produces educational software.” Robesonian Sunday, 24 December 2000: D1.

Witten, Scott WITT009

Witten, Scott. “Robeson jobless rate second highest in state.” Robesonian 30 July 2001.

Witten, Scott WITT001

Witten, Scott. “Local women in 'Pathmakers' exhibit.” Robesonian [Lumberton, NC] 17 March 1994: 1A.

Witten, Scott 680

Witten, Scott.  “Pembroke Native Honored for Human Relations Work.” Robesonian 6 March 1989: 1A.

Witten, Scott WITT016

Witten, Scott. “Image problem: Is it real or is it just media hype?” Robesonian 17 December 2001.

Witten, Scott WITT021

Witten, Scott. “Locklear wins Superior Court judgeship.” Robesonian 25 April 2002.

Witten, Scott WITT003

Witten, Scott. “Elliott to share her vision at seminar.” Robesonian 2 May 1999: D1.

Witten, Scott WITT015

Witten, Scott. “SACS lifts probation off RCC.” Robesonian 13 December 2001.

Witten, Scott WITT006

Witten, Scott. “Money for mobile homes bad investment, says LRDA.” Robesonian Wednesday, 21 June 2000: 1A, 8A.

Witten, Scott WITT002

Witten, Scott. “File this GQ article under fiction.” Robesonian 4 March 1994: 4A.

Witten, Scott WITT020

Witten, Scott. “Lumbee Guaranty Bank makes investment in county youths.” Robesonian 15 February 2002.

Witten, Scott WITT008

Witten, Scott. “Freeman elected LRDA chairman.” Robesonian Wednesday, 7 June 2000: 1A, 6A.

Wolfram, Walt WOLF011

Wolfram, Walt. “On the construction of vernacular dialect norms.” CLS 36: The panels. The proceedings from the panels of the Chicago Linguistic Society’s thirty-sixth meeting. Volume 36-2. Ed. Arika Okrent and John P. Boyle. Chicago: Chicago Linguistic Society, 2000. Pages 335-358.

Wolfram, Walt WOLF013

Wolfram, Walt, and Jeffrey L. Reaser. "9. Lumbee English: Tar Heel American Indian Dialect." In:Talkin’ Tar Heel: How our voices tell the story of North Carolina. Chapel Hill: UNC P, 2014. Pp. 216-242.

Wolfram, Walt WOLF001

Wolfram, Walt. “Delineation and description in dialectology: the case of perfective I'm in Lumbee English.” American Speech 71.1 (Spring 1996): 5-26.

Wolfram, Walt WOLF006

Wolfram, Walt, and Clare Dannenberg.  “Dialect identity in a tri-ethnic context: the case of Lumbee American Indian English.”   English World-Wide 20.2 (1999): 179-216.

Wolfram, Walt WOLF002

Wolfram, Walt, Natalie Schilling-Estes, Roscoe Johnson, James Peterson, and Yancey R. Hall.  “Dialect mixing and ethnic identity in Lumbee English.” SECOL 50. Memphis, T.N.. April 1994.

Wolfram, Walt WOLF007

Wolfram, Walt, Becky Childs, and Benjamin Torbert. “Tracing language history through consonant cluster reduction: comparative evidence from isolated dialects.” Southern Journal of Linguistics 24.1 (Spring 2000): 16-40.

Wolfram, Walt INDI002

Indian by birth: the Lumbee dialect. Produced by Walt Wolfram. Narrated by Linda Oxendine. Raleigh, NC: North Carolina Language and Life Project, North Carolina State University; Pembroke, NC: Museum of the Native American Resource Center, and Department of American Indian Studies, University of North Carolina at Pembroke, 2000.

Wolfram, Walt WOLF005

Wolfram, Walt, and Jason Sellers. “Ethnoliguistic marking of past be in Lumbee Vernacular English.” Journal of English Linguistics 27.2 (June, 1999): 94-114.

Wolfram, Walt WOLF010

Wolfram, Walt, Clare Dannenberg, Stanley Knick, and Linda Oxendine. Fine in the world: Lumbee language in time and place. Pembroke, NC: Museum of the Native American Resource Center, UNC-Pembroke, 2002. 92 pages. Key source

Wolfram, Walt WOLF003

Wolfram, Walt, and Jason Sellers. “Alternative regularization patterning and ethnic marking in a tri-ethnic southern community.” Paper presented at the Southeastern Conference on Linguistics 56, Charlotte, N.C., April 1997. 16 pages.

Wolfram, Walt WOLF004

Wolfram, Walt. American English: dialects and variation. Malden, M.A.: Blackwell Publishers, 1998. Pp. 182-83.

Wolfram, Walt WOLF008

Wolfram, Walt. “From the brickhouse to the swamp.” American Language Review July/August 2001: 34-38. Key source

Womble, Bill 207

Womble, Bill.  “Pembroke: A College Degree for Less.”  News and Observer 4 Feb. 1962: Sec. 3 p. 1.

Wood, Sara WL001

Wood, Sara, and Malinda Maynor Lowery. "As we cooked, as we lived: Lumbee foodways." Southern Cultures 21.1 (2015): 84-91.

Wood, Rob WOOD001

Wood, Rob. “Klan hopes to make peace with Lumbees.” Greensboro Daily News 21 March 1966: B1. 

Woods, J. Cedric WOOD007

Woods, J. Cedric. "Lumbee origins: The Weyanoke-Kearsey connection." Southern anthropologist [Southern Anthropological Society] 30.2 (2004): 20-36.

Woods, Ruth Dial WOOD005

Woods, Ruth Dial. “Growing up red: the Lumbee experience.” Diss. Chapel Hill: U of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, 2001. 222 p.

Woods, Cedric J. WOOD002

Woods, J. Cedric. “Tears of our mother.” Red Ink; a Native American student publication 3.1 (Spring 1994): 10-11.

Woods, Ruth Dial 639

Woods, Ruth Dial.  “Testimony: Indian Definition Study.”  Pembroke: R. D. Woods, [1974?]  75 p.

Woods, Ruth Dial 138

Woods, Ruth Dial.  Robeson County Indian Education Needs Assessment, FY-79.  Lumberton: Robeson County Compensatory Indian Education Project, Jan. 1978.  30 p.  ERIC ED 161 606

Woods, Ruth Dial 647

Woods, Ruth Dial.  “A Position Paper Presented to the American Indian Policy Review Commission–Task Force #10, Terminated and Nonfederally Recognized Indians, April 16, 1976.”  Unpublished typescript.  8 p.


Woods, Lenora W. 534

Woods, Lenora W.  “Tribe Known as Croatans Thought to be Remnant of Mysterious ‘Lost Colony’.”  Charlotte Observer 27 Oct. 1929: Sec. 3 p. 9.

Woods, Ruth Dial WOOD003

Woods, Ruth Dial. “Indians have decided government issue.” Robesonian Wednesday, 14 June 2000: 4A.

Woodward, Susan Holly 1115

Woodward, Susan Holly. “A grandfather’s tales of the Lowery brothers.” North Carolina Folklore 10.2 (Dec. 1962): 17-19.

Woolverton, Paul WOOL012

Woolverton, Paul. "New state park planned for Black River." The Fayetteville Observer [Fayetteville, NC]. April 6, 2017.

Woolverton, Paul WOOL011

Woolverton, Paul. "Lumbee recognition bill gets hearing in Washington." Fayetteville Observer [Fayetteville, NC] September 26, 2017.

Woolverton, Paul WOOL013

Woolverton, Paul. "One year later, roundtable at UNC Pembroke focuses on Hurricane Matthew’s lessons." Fayetteville Observer [Fayetteville, NC]. October 5, 2017.

Woolverton, Paul WOOL001

Woolverton, Paul. “Swett trial gag order raps Robeson County media.” The Fayetteville Observer-Times (Fayetteville, NC). July 31, 1998

Woolverton, Paul WOOL014

Woolverton, Paul. "Killer of Michael Jordan’s father seeks new trial." Fayetteville Observer [Fayetteville, NC]. April 5, 2017.

Woolverton, Paul WOOL007

Woolverton, Paul. "Lumbees sue beer-maker for using tribe's logo in Bud Light ads." The Fayetteville Observer (Fayetteville, NC). June 15, 2016

Woolverton, Paul WOOL002

Woolverton, Paul. “Robeson County tugs at Eddie Hatcher.” The Fayetteville Observer-Times (Fayetteville, NC). June 29, 1998

Woolverton, Paul WOOL003

Woolverton, Paul. “Bill designed to help protect Indian land.” Fayetteville Observer Tuesday, 24 July 2001.

Woolverton, Paul WOOL016

Woolverton, Paul. "President Trump backs recognition bill for the Lumbee Tribe of North Carolina." Fayetteville Observer [Fayetteville, NC] October 21, 2020.

Woolverton, Paul WOOL009

Woolverton, Paul. "Senate bill would give Lumbees full recognition and millions of dollars." Fayetteville Observer [Fayetteville, NC] September 7, 2016. 

Woolverton, Paul WOOL001

Woolverton, Paul. “Lumbee funds assigned.” Fayetteville Observer-Times. 1 October 1999.

Woolverton, Paul WOOL008

Woolverton, Paul. "N.C. House approval of school leasing legislation to benefit Robeson County." Fayetteville Observer [Fayetteville, NC]. June 27, 2016

Woolverton, Paul WOOL004

Woolverton, Paul. “Cherokees air cultural center concerns.” Fayetteville Observer May 15, 2003.

Woolverton, Paul WOOL000

Woolverton, Paul. “Robeson County tugs at Eddie Hatcher.” Fayetteville (North Carolina) Observer-Times 29 June 1998 (Monday).

Woolverton, Paul WOOL015

Woolverton, Paul. "Nearly 1 month after Hurricane Matthew, people still displaced, roads still closed." Fayetteville Observer [Fayetteville, NC]. November 5, 2016.

Wooten, Alan WOOT002

Wooten, Alan. “Lumbee representative sworn in as chairman of state commission.” The Fayetteville Observer (Fayetteville, NC). June 3, 2016

Wooten, Sylvester Wendell 213

Wooten, Sylvester Wendell.  "A Comparison Between Lumbee Indian Commuting Students, Non-Indian Dormitory Students, and Non-Indian Commuting Students in Terms of Their Perceptions of the College Environment."  Diss.  U of Virginia, 1972.

Wooten, Marian WOOT001

Wooten, Marian H. "What was college like for you?" Schole: A journal of leisure studies & recreation education 26.1 (2011): 81-86.

Workman, Bill 888

Workman, Bill. “Woman Missionary Carries On Orphanage for Indian Children.” Charlotte Observer 19 June 1949: 20A.

Wortman, Dave WORT001

Wortman, Dave. “Mapping a greener future.” Mother Earth News no. 192 (June/July 2002): 50 (4 pages).

Wright, Bill 258

Wright, Bill.  “Givens Believes ‘He’s Accepted’.”  Fayetteville Observer 9 May 1980: 1B.

Wright, Ed 1230

Wright, Ed. “Judgement Day in Robeson County: Forcing a Community to Face Its Past.” Southern Magazine 2.8 (May 1988): 15-16.

Wright, Bill 733

Wright, Bill.  “Tuscarora Indian Organization Files Suit Seeking Interior Department Assistance.”  Carolina Indian Voice 29 March 1973: 1.

Wurth-Hough, Sandra J. 868

Wurth-Hough, Sandra J. “The Dialectic of the Lumbee People and Their Polity.” Paper presented at the Western Social Science Annual Convention, 1990? 17 p.

Yates, Gale Graham YATE002

Yates, Gale Graham. "The North Carolina Lumbee people as seen through a visit with Linda Oxendine." Southern ethnicities. Ed. Theodosiadou, Youli. Thessaloniki [Greece]: Kornelia Sfakianaki Editions, 2008. [115]-29.

Yates, Eleanor Lee YATE001

Yates, Eleanor Lee. “Keeping the faith.” Community College Week 13.20 (May 14, 2001). 3 pages.

Yeadon, Tim YEAD001

Yeadon, Tim. “Hundreds mourn, remember Revels.” Greensboro News & Record (Greensboro, NC). July 14, 2003

Yeomans, Jonathan YEOM002

Yeomans, Jonathan. “County poverty on agenda.” Robesonian Tuesday, February 20, 2007.

Yeomans, Jonathan YEOM001

Yeomans, Jonathan. “Report paints dismal picture of poverty in Robeson County.” Robesonian Monday, October 16, 2006.

Yeomans, Jonathan YEOM003

Yeomans, Jonathan. "Blacks lament lack of power." Robesonian Monday, April 23, 2007.

Young, Ryan YOUN001

Young, Ryan. “UNC-Pembroke: Indians like logo.” USA Today Friday, April 25, 2003. 456 words.

Zagadinow, Lidija ZAGA001

Zagadinow, Lidija. “Keeping her heritage alive through art.” Philadelphia Inquirer (Pennsylvania) 3 July 1988: N05 (Sunday). 

Zak, Susannah K. 47

 Zak, Susannah K.  "A Story of Survival: The Lumbee Indians."  Thesis.  U of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, 1992.  53 p.

Zhang, Chelsea ZHAN001

Zhang, Chelsea, Dario Roque, Jessie A. Ehrisman, Nicola DiSanto, Gloria Broadwater, Kemi M. Doll, Paola A. Gehrig, Angela Alvarez Secord, and Laura J. Havrilesky. "Lumbee Native American Ancestry and the Incidence of Aggressive Histologic Subtypes of Endometrial Cancer." Gynecologic Oncology Reports 13 (August 2015): 49-52.

Zimmerman, William 610

Zimmerman, William.  Letter to Joseph Brooks.  Washington: Office of Indian Affairs, US Dept. of the Interior, stamped 12 Dec. 1938.  Correspondence no. Ind-Org. 71526-38.  [3] p.

Zucchino, David 1002

Zucchino, David. “Lumbee Indians: On the Outside Looking In.” Detroit Free Press 21 Dec. 1979: 1C. Rpt. in CIV 8 May 1980: 2.

Zuchinno, David 651

Zucchino, David.  “The Lumbees.”  News and Observer 18 Sept. 1977: 4-1.

Zyromski, Brett ZYRO001

Zyromski, Brett, Alfred Bryant Jr., and Edwin R. Gerler Jr. "Succeeding in School: The Online Reflections of Native American and Other Minority Students." Journal of Humanistic Counseling 50.1 (2011): 99-118.