Seven generations: Ancestors of the present day Lumbee

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Oxendine, Kelvin Ray. Seven generations: Ancestors of the present day Lumbee. Raleigh, NC: Lulu P, 2015. 158 p.


This book is a collection of photographs of the ancestors of people currently enrolled in the Lumbee Tribe. Under each photo there is the year of birth and year of death of the subject(s), as well as a short description of the people in the photograph, who they are related to, and where they lived. The length of the description varies based on the importance of the individual or how well known the individual is. Notable people included in the collection are Preston Locklear, Henry Berry Lowry, Reverend Oscar Sampson, and Polly Lowery. Following some of these pictures, there is more in-depth discussion of their lives and family and what they were known for.

Oxendine includes many pictures of his own ancestors in the collection and designates them with a * after the name. He states that the “purpose of this book was to create an effective visual aid to enhance learning about ancestors of the Lumbee and Tuscarora Indians.” Oxendine has made a significant contribution to Lumbee genealogy and history through this book and through the Facebook webpage, “Lumbee History Photo Identification Project,” which he and Malinda Maynor Lowery co-own. Current members of this Facebook page post pictures of their family and discuss them.

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John Bell| Maddie Rea Bell| Sarah C. Bell| James W. Blanks| James Henry Bledsole| Tecumseh Brayboy| William Henry Brayboy| Alexander “Sandy” Brooks| Oquinn Brooks| Rutherford “Ralph Pikey” Brooks| Margaret “Maggie” Bullard| Huldah Carter| John C.Carter| Ruth Carter| Abner Chavis| Arrie Bell Chavis| Ava Bell Chavis| Danny Chavis| John Chavis| Lucy Ann Chavis| Murdock Chavis| Preston Chavis| Reedie Lowry Chavis| Sarah Jane “Sally” Chavis| Thomas F. Chavis| James Edward “Ed” Clarke| Richard Cummings| Sally Jane Collins| Dougal Cummings| Archie Deese Sr.| Sallie Farrell Deese| William McDuffie Cummings Sr.| Cleatoes Dial| Della Dial| John Dial John Walter Dial| Marcus Dial| James Madison Emanuel| Louvinia Emanuel| Sylvester Emanuel| James “Jim” Godwin| Catherine Katie Graham| Christian Graham| Hester Graham| Joseph James Graham| Virginia Graham| Charles Hammonds| Docia Hammonds| Joanna Hammonds| Levi McDonald Hammonds| William Henry Hammonds| Nasby “N.B.” Hardin| Elizabeth Harris| Isabella Harris| Baldy Huggins| Oklahoma Huggins| Clarcey Hunt| Priscilla Hunt| Dodridge “Dod” Jones| Edmond Jacobs| James Jacobs| James Edward Jacobs| Jesse Jacobs Jr.| Mary Jacobs| McLaurin Jacobs| William Corvel Jacobs| Rory Jones| Wiley Jones| Willie Jones| Aaren Spencer Locklear| Agnes Perline Locklear| Ambrose Locklear| America “Babe” Locklear| Annie Miranda Locklear| Candy Mary Locklear| Catherine A. Locklear| Cyrus Locklear| Daniel Webster Locklear| Ebenezer Locklear| Emmaline Lowry Locklear| Gilbert B. “Gibby” Locklear| Israel Locklear| Jackson Locklear| James Locklear| Jasper “Jack” Locklear| John Archie Locklear| John Bunyan Locklear| Josiah “Joe” Locklear| King Locklear| Lenora Locklear| Margaret Ann Locklear| Mary Jane Locklear| Peppers Mahoney Locklear| Preston Locklear| Virginia “Jennet” Locklear| Alamenia Locklear| Clarence Edward Lowery| Danny Leach Lowery| Edmund Lowry (Rev.)| James Norman Lowery| Annie Bell Lowry| Calvin Lowry| Catherine Lowry| Evander Lowry| George Washington Lowry| Henry Delaware Lowry Jr.| Leola Lowry| Lottie Adeline Lowry| Joe Sinclair Lowry| June Lowry| Mary Frances Lowry| Mary Jane Lowry| Orlin Hayes Lowry| Pearl Lowry| Perlie Lee Lowry| Peter Patrick Lowry| Willie Mae Lowry-Locklear| Elias Maynor| Esmer Maynor| Jordan Rile Maynor| Polly Mary Maynor| Alonza Oxendine| Atlas Oxendine| Bryant Oxendine| Charity Oxendine| Charles Hill Oxendine| Dock Oxendine| Effie Hunt- Oxendine| Elizabeth Catherine Oxendine| Emmaline Oxendine| Haynes Oxendine| James Griffin Oxendine III| James Riley Oxendine| John Henry Oxendine| Joseph W. Oxendine| Larkin Oxendine| Malissa Oxendine| Minnie Oxendine| Nancy Charity Oxendine| Sarah Elizabeth Oxendine| Sylvester Oxendine| Henry Harrison Pierce| Avrabella Ransom| Hezzie Revels| William “Billy” Revels| Rosella Sampson -Carter| Charity Sampson| Everett Sampson Sr.| Mary Dial Sampson| Arthur James Spaulding| Annie Bell Strickland| Polly Ann Strickland| Florida Thomas| James Braxton Thomas| Barbara Oxendine Warriax| John S. Wilkins| Mary Woods| Susan Ann Wood| Cherokee Indian Normal School Pembroke, NC
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Includes 142 photographs.