Lumbee Indians seek end to a century of questions about identity

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O'Mara, Richard. “Lumbee Indians seek end to a century of questions about identity.” Baltimore Sun (Maryland) Tuesday, 12 October 1993: 1A.


Overview of the Lumbee settlement in Baltimore--its extent, history, occupations of Lumbee people there, areas settled, conversations with some Lumbee individuals, and discriminations some have faced. Baltimore has over 2,500 Lumbee people, probably the largest concentration outside Robeson County. Lumbee began to move there for employment during World War II. Many have a low income, unemployment is around 18% (as of this writing), and there are some problems with substance abuse and domestic violence. Most live between Fleet and Fayette Streets, Broadway and Milton Avenue. The South Baltimore Baptist Church at 211 S. Broadway is 95% Lumbee.

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