Local Experts Contribute to History Channel Documentary.

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Rach, Amber. “Local Experts Contribute to History Channel Documentary.” UNC-Pembroke newswire Monday, February 5, 2007.


This press release discusses the participation of four individuals with connections to UNC-P in the production of the 90-minute History Channel documentary, Aftershock: Beyond the Civil War. The documentary, which aired in late December, 2006, features five segments that illustrate racial tensions, violence, politics, and chaos during Reconstruction. One segment dealt with the Henry Berry Lowry era. The individuals with UNC-P connections who provided interviews for the segment are Lawrence T. Locklear, Dr. Linda E. Oxendine (who introduced the segment), Harvey Godwin, and Kenneth Clark. Josephine Humphreys, author of Nowhere Else on Earth, also provided commentary. The press release gives these individuals' reactions to their involvement in the documentary's production. The documentary was filmed in Massachusetts, but Harvey Godwin comments that "when you see it on TV, it could pass for Moss Neck.”

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