Burr talks economy, Lumbee recognition

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Pate, J.L. “Burr talks economy, Lumbee recognition.” Laurinburg Exchange [Laurinburg, NC] August 15, 2014.


U.S. senator Richard Burr spoke on August 14, 2014 at the Economic Development Corporation after touring the new FCC North America plant next door, which is expected to start production by October on precision parts for automotive transmissions.

While most of his talk centered on the economy, he also said legislation to fully vest the Lumbee Tribe of North Carolina with the same full federal recognition and benefits other tribes receive appears stalled.Burr cited many reasons for the stall, such as Senate majority leader Harry Reid not allowing the topic to come up and the lobbying efforts by other tribal organizations who could see reduced funding if the Lumbee tribe is granted the same financial benefits.

Burr told local businessmen and elected officials from Scotland County that the nation’s economic growth will remain sluggish until Congress cuts the corporate tax rate, grows the federal economy at 4-and-a-half percent-plus for 10 years and cuts federal spending so there’s only a 1 percent annual increase.

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