Literary Depictions of Henry Berry Lowry: Mythic, Romantic, and Tragic

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Reising, R. W.  “Literary Depictions of Henry Berry Lowry: Mythic, Romantic, and Tragic.”  MELUS 17.1 (Spring 1991-1992): 87-103. Key source


Wide-ranging and perceptive, this essay analyzes seven published literary works depicting Lowry, including Paul Green's The Last of the Lowries, Clare Johnson Marley's Swamp Outlaw, William Norment Cox's The Scuffletown Outlaws, Lucas and Groome's The King of Scuffletoun, and Randolph Umberger's Strike at the Wind! Reising compares these works to each other and notes literary parallels and influences on them, including Sir Walter Scott, John Rollin Ridge, Gladys A. Reichard, and the Trickster.

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