Indian mascots derogatory to Native Americans

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Oxendine, Joseph B. “Indian mascots derogatory to Native Americans.” Charlotte Observer 10 March 1999.


Perceptive, concisely argued, and clearly written editorial occasioned by Native American activists' attacks on Erwin High School's (Buncombe County) use of a squaw mascot for a girls' sports team. Oxendine discusses general problems with Native American mascots and mentions a few particular examples, such as those of the Florida State Seminoles, the Washington Redskins, and the Cleveland Indians. He explained the abolition of UNC-Pembroke's Indian mascot. The school kept the name “Braves” for its team but created a non-human mascot for the team, a red-tailed hawk. UNC-Pembroke's logo is a red-tailed hawk superimposed with a brave.

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UNC-Pembroke Mascot
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