Reasonable doubt

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Raab, Scott. “Reasonable doubt.” GQ 64.3 (March 1994): 240-47, 268-70.


This article was occasioned by the murder of James Jordan, father of basketball star Michael Jordan, in Robeson County and the accusation of David Green (African-American) and Larry Demery (Lumbee) for the crime. Long-time Robeson County Sheriff Hubert Stone gives his perceptions of problems with crime in the county murder, illegal drugs, crimes committed by African Americans and Indians together, and violence among the Lumbee. Also discusses the poverty rate, rate of violent crimes, and a federal/state task force which investigated drug trafficking in the county in 1987. Connee Brayboy, editor of the Carolina Indian Voice, suspects law enforcement protection of drug dealers. Raab quotes from interviews with Larry Demery's family, and with an attorney involved in the defense of Eddie Hatcher, regarding the extent of corruption in Robeson County. Raab also spoke with Hugh Rogers, attorney for Larry Demery.

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Larry Demery | James Jordan | Hubert Stone | Drug trafficking | <i>Robesonian</i> hostage-taking | Julian Pierce