Mapping a greener future.

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Wortman, Dave. “Mapping a greener future.” Mother Earth News no. 192 (June/July 2002): 50 (4 pages).


Green map projects, now under way in 36 countries worldwide (over 60 in the United States), help reconnect residents of a community with “parks, bike paths, recycling centers, and museums” (para. 3), as well as helping them “understand where their water comes from, how their buying choices affect the environment, and what they can do to promote a greener, more sustainable way of life” (para. 5).

Besides providing information for visitors and local residents, green maps “reconnect people to nature, history and local culture” (para. 7).

Robeson County's green map project, “among the largest and most ambitious projects to date” (para. 24), is producing 66 maps, all of which incorporate research, writing, and map-making done by students at various schools in the county. The 66 maps will eventually be combined into one countywide map. Robeson County's green maps include cultural and historic sites.

For additional information, see (comprehensive site on green map systems worldwide) and (for specifics on the Robeson County project).

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