Robeson County tugs at Eddie Hatcher

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Woolverton, Paul. “Robeson County tugs at Eddie Hatcher.” The Fayetteville Observer-Times (Fayetteville, NC). June 29, 1998


After holding The Robesonian newspaper staff hostage 10 years prior, Indian activist Eddie Hatcher moved back to Pembroke. Hatcher had received an 18-year sentence after pleading guilty to kidnapping charges but was paroled in May of 1995. His parole banned him from Robeson County, but after his parole ended in May of 1997, he moved back home.

The public is still split on Hatcher. Some love him. Some hate him. He is often asked to be interviewed or speak for different groups. Hatchet himself is paranoid. He is hesitant to even open windows in his own home for fear of being shot.

Hatcher does not have a job, but he does get a disability check because he now has AIDS. He also is thinking about possibly running for public office in the future.

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