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Witten, Scott. “File this GQ article under fiction.” Robesonian 4 March 1994: 4A.


Witten finds Scott Raab's GQ article, “Reasonable Doubt” (item RAAB001) a piece which “crackles with titillation,” noting that “little in the piece is supported with concrete fact.” He finds Raab's portrayal of Sheriff Hubert Stone “shocking” and is amazed that Raab got Stone to make a “blatantly racist” remark such as “Anytime you look down the street and you see a Black and an Indian guy, you've got crime.” He also deplores Raab's use of clichés and stereotypes, calling Robeson County “Hell's back-door” with a “backwoods sheriff" and an "endless supply of blank born-violent minority youths.”

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Hubert Stone | James Jordan
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