Klan hopes to make peace with Lumbees.

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Wood, Rob. “Klan hopes to make peace with Lumbees.” Greensboro Daily News 21 March 1966: B1. 


The Ku Klux Klan had scheduled a March 27 cross burning at the site of the 1958 routing near Maxton.  Dr. English Jones, president of Pembroke State College, received a card from the Klan threatening the Lumbee with scalping if they attended the rally.  When word got out that the Lumbee were stockpiling weapons, the Superior Court issued a temporary injunction against the rally.  As of this writing, the Klan was inviting the Lumbee to join its organization, and Imperial Wizard Robert Shelton planned a recruiting trip to North Carolina.  In related articles on the same page: 

  • Charles L. Morgan Jr., regional director of the American Civil Liberties Union, considers the court injunction a violation of the constitutional right to free assembly. 
  • A professed Klansman in Maxton found bullet holes in the side of his home, and his dining room window was shattered by a bullet.
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