Cherokees air cultural center concerns.

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Woolverton, Paul. “Cherokees air cultural center concerns.” Fayetteville Observer May 15, 2003.


Patrick Lambert, an attorney for North Carolina’s Cherokees, testified on behalf of the tribe in a meeting of the state Senate Committee on State Government, Local Government, and Veterans Affairs, during which legislation to change the membership of the cultural center’s board of directors was discussed. The Cherokees are not opposed to the legislation but are concerned that they have not had a member on the board in three years and have not received the center’s mission statement, minutes from meetings, notices of meetings, or other pertinent information. Representative Ron Sutton commented that the present law concerning the center’s Board of Directors requires that the Cherokees appoint someone to the board. When there is a designated representative, that person will receive all the information normally sent to board members.

Two bills adjusting the board’s membership were introduced by Sutton and are making their way through the legislative process. If passed, they will increase the size of the board to 20 members.

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