Guy Benton Johnson Papers, 1830-1882, 1901-1987 (Collection number: 3826).

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Guy Benton Johnson Papers, 1830-1882, 1901-1987 (Collection number: 3826). Southern Historical Collection. Louis Round Wilson Special Collections Library, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Chapel Hill, North Carolina.


These papers contain materials collected for an article and a speech, as well as copious data for a book Johnson planned to write (see entry 463). Dates range from 1937 to 1970. Johnson analyzed farm family schedules, migration schedules, census data, criminal cases involving county Indians, and papers contemporary with the Lowry Gang. Includes extensive field notes and transcripts from interviews of Robeson County residents of all ages and races in 1937 and 1948-49. Topics discussed include: the Lowry Gang, surnames, movie theaters, white/Indian intermarriage, race relations, language, farming, swamps, bootlegging, history/origins, social characteristics/differentiation, physical types, dress, handicrafts, remedies, migration, schools, voice characteristics, family size, and jury service.

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Some items in the Guy Benton Johnson Papers have been digitized and are available as part of the Digital Southern Historical Collection project. In the Contents List for the finding aid for these papers, which has a Series Quick Links section, click on: Subseries 5.7. Lumbee Indians (Robeson County, NC) Study, 1882; 1913-1977. This subseries contains around 535 items. From this segment of the finding aid, if you see "(digitized)" below the Folder number, click on the Folder number link to browse the scanned items. URL for the Guy Benton Johnson Papers inventory:,Guy_Benton.html