Robeson schools still tops in spanking

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Isaac, Gabrielle. “Robeson schools still tops in spanking.” The Robesonian (Lumberton, NC). March 26, 2016


Robeson County ranked first in amount of corporal punishment in the 2014-2015 school year, marking the fifth straight year that, that has happened. Robeson County is one of the four counties, along with Graham, Macon and Swain counties, where paddling students is allowed.

Out of the 147 North Carolina students spanked during that span, 88 of them were from Robeson County, with all but eight of those students being American Indian. Eighty percent of the cases in Robeson County occurred at Prospect Elementary School.

Parents do sign consent forms and have the option whether or not to have this form of punishment used on their children. The parents are also notified each time it occurs and a detailed log is kept.

District 5 school board representative Gary Strickland said that he thinks American Indian parents may prefer this course of action instead of suspensions or detentions. Disruptive behavior, leaving school, cell phone use, insubordination, aggressive behavior, language and more were cited as reasons for the corporal punishment over the past year.  

Every year the since 2010, the number of counties that allow corporal punishment has diminished, from 17 in 2010 down to four in 2015.  North Carolina is one of the 19 states that allow the option of corporal punishment. 

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