Complaint alleges hiring bias for Robeson judicial post

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Jenkins, Venita. “Complaint alleges hiring bias for Robeson judicial post.” Fayetteville Observer Sunday, 24 November 2001.


Two women--Billie Jo Atkins (an assistant judicial manager in Fayetteville) and Rosie Ford (a Lumberton probation and parole officer)--have filed a complaint contesting Stanley Clark's hiring as district manager for the 16-B Judicial District. They contend that Clark, who began work in the position on June 1, was not qualified for the job but was hired due to political influence. They state that Indian political leaders encouraged Clark to apply for the position and then talked to state officials about awarding the position to him. Atkins and Ford believe they were discriminated against due to their gender. They note that Division 2 (the 12th and 16th Judicial Districts) has no female managers.

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Race discrimination | Discrimination in employment | Stanley Clark | Billie Jo Atkins | Rosie Ford | 16-B Judicial District