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Farris, James J. 1099

Farris, James J. “The Lowrie Gang: an episode in the history of Robeson County, N.C.: 1864-1874.” Historical Papers Published by the Trinity College Historical Society. Ser. XV. Durham: Duke UP, 1925. Pp. 55-93.

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Ferreri, Eric. “American Indians seek voice at UNC; the Carolina Indian Circle is quickly lobbying for increased recognition.” Chapel Hill Herald Monday, 6 November 2000: page 1. 852 words.

Fields, Jeff 334

Fields, Jeff.  A Cry of Angels.  New York: Atheneum, 1974. Key source

Fitch, William Edward 526

Fitch, William Edward.  The First Founders in America, with Facts to Prove that Sir Walter Raleigh’s Lost Colony Was Not Lost.  New York Society of the Order of the Founders and Patriots of America, 29 Oct. 1913.  40 pp.

Flaherty, David T. 853

Flaherty, David T. “Memorandum, March 25, 1988, from ... Secretary, Dept. of Human Resources, to the Governor’s Robeson County Task Force, on Billy McKellar’s Death.” Raleigh: N.C. Dept. of Human Resources, 1988. [17] p.

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Flesher, John. “Hostage-Trial Defendant Says 13 Witnesses Dead, Others Are Threatened.” Charlotte Observer 6 Aug. 1988: 3E.

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Fogarty, Mark. "Bright Spot in Indian Mortgages: Indian-Owned Banks." Indian Country. January 8, 2016. 

Fogarty, Mark FOGA001

Fogarty, Mark. “Federal government gives more seed money to Indian development groups.” Knight-Ridder/Tribune Business News 23 August 2002.

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Ford, Thomas C. FORD001

Ford, Thomas C. “Play ball: the art of the big game has never been more popular.” Art & Antiques 17 (May 1994): 80-83.

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Forde, Kathy Roberts. “On the swamps: the politics of language, landscape and Lumbee identity.” The Independent Weekly (Durham, NC) December 6, 2000.

Fowler, Scott FOWL001

Fowler, Scott. "Huntersville gymnast Ashton Locklear in Olympics limbo, but still celebrating." [Raleigh, NC] July 15, 2016.

Fox, Geoff FOX0010

Fox, Geoff. “COMtech lands first plant.” Robesonian Wednesday, 24 July 2002.

Fox, Geoff FOX0007

Fox, Geoff. “Will it work? Some express skepticism.” Robesonian 18 February 2002.

Fox, Geoff FOX0006

Fox, Geoff. “58 percent of county births to unwed mothers.” Robesonian 6 November 2001.

Fox, Geoff FOX0005

FOX0005. Fox, Geoff. “First Indian pilots reunite, reminisce after 40 years.” Robesonian Monday, 14 May 2001.

Fox, Geoff FOX0001

Fox. Geoff. “Painting brings 'SATW!' $8,500.” Robesonian Wednesday, June 28, 2000, p. 1A, 8A.

Fox, Cynthia Gregory 1198

Fox, Cynthia Gregory. “The Battle of Hayes Pond: The Ku Klux Klan versus the Lumbee Indians, Robeson County, North Carolina, 1958.” Thesis. East Carolina U, 1979.

Fox, Geoff FOX0002

Fox, Geoff. “'SATW' returns to historical roots.” Robesonian Friday, 30 June 2000: 1A, 10A.

Fox, Geoff FOX0003

Fox, Geoff. “Best of the best: Robeson lawman gets national honor.” Robesonian Sunday, 25 June 2000: 1A, 8A.

Fox, Geoff FOX0004

Fox, Geoff. “Dressed to thrill: cultural center all spruced up for open house.” Robesonian Friday, 9 June 2000: 1A, 8A.

Fox, Geoff FOX0008

Fox, Geoff. “Blue promises support for Lumbee recognition.” Robesonian 6 May 2002.

Fox, Geoff FOXO009

Fox, Geoff. “Almost half of county's grandparents get duty of raising their children's children.” Robesonian Monday, 17 June 2002.

Franklin, John Hope 1108

Franklin, John Hope. “The enslavement of free negroes in North Carolina.” Journal of Negro History 29.4 (Oct. 1944): 401-28. 

Franklin, John Hope 462

Franklin, John Hope.  The Free Negro in North Carolina, 1790-1860.  1943.  New York: Russell & Russell, 1969.  Pp. 79-80.

Franklin, Ben A. 116

Franklin, Ben A.  “Indians Resist Integration Plan in Triracial County in Carolina.”  New York Times 13 Sept. 1970: 78.  Rpt. in Akwesasne Notes 2.6 (Oct. 1970): 40.


Frederick, Jack FRED001

Frederick, Jack. "Humane Society names room to honor veterinarian Curt Locklear." Robesonian [Lumberton, NC]. December 22, 2017.

Frederick, Jack FRED002

Frederick, Jack. "Brooks recalled as Lumbee icon, medical pioneer." Robesonian [Lumberton, NC]. January 5, 2018.

Freeman, Leroy FREE001

Freeman, Leroy. “Chairman: LRDA serves all Indians.” Robesonian Wednesday, June 28, 2000: 4A.

Friedlander, Brett FRIE001

Friedlander, Brett. "NC native Sampson rebuilds his coaching career at Houston." North State Journal. January 17, 2018.

Fuchs, Estelle 123

Fuchs, Estelle and Robert J. Havighurst. To Live On This Earth: American Indian Education. Garden City, NY: Doubleday, 1972.  Pp. 97-106.

Fulton, David Bryant 1091

Fulton, David Bryant. "Henry Berry Lowery, the North Carolina outlaw. A tale of the Reconstruction period." From The Citizen. Rpt. in: “Eagle clippings” by Jack Thorne [pseud.], Newspaper Correspondent and Storyteller ... a Collection of his Writings [submitted] to Various Newspapers. Brooklyn: D. B. Fulton, 1907. Pp. 65-71.

Fuquay, John FUQU001

Fuquay, John. "House denies spanking measure." Fayetteville Observer Thursday, May 24, 2007.

Furman, McDonald FURM002

Furman, McDonald. “Jim Smiling a Redbone. An Interesting Patriarch of Unique People in Privateer.” State (Columbia, SC). May 27, 1897

Furman, McDonald FURM001

Furman, McDonald. “Jim Smiling a Redbone: an interesting patriarch of unique people in privateer.” The State (Columbia, SC) 27 May 1897.

Futch, Michael FUTC006

Futch, Michael. “Lumbees coming home.” (Lumbees: The Trail North, Part 5.) Fayetteville Observer Sunday, 22 October 2000.

Futch, Michael FUTC005

Futch, Michael. “Lumbees look to the future.” (Lumbees: The Trail North, Part 4.) Fayetteville Observer Sunday, 15 October 2000.

Futch, Michael FUTC002

Futch, Michael. “Baltimore becomes Lumbee home away from homeland.” (Lumbees: The Trail North, Part 1.) Fayetteville Observer Sunday, 24 September 2000.

Futch, Michael FUTC001

Futch, Michael. “Lowery's band had brush with stardom.” Fayetteville Observer Sunday, 6 August 2000.

Futch, Michael FUTC007

Futch, Michael. “Burnt Swamp meets Baltimore in Baptist church.” Fayetteville Observer Sunday, 1 October 2000.

Futch, Michael FUTC010

Futch, Michael. "Cape Fear profile: Oxendine finds career in family roots [Linda Ellen Oxendine]." Fayetteville Observer September 28, 2008.

Futch, Michael FUTC004

Futch, Michael. “Center gives Lumbees a sense of community.” (Lumbees: The Trail North, Part 3) Fayetteville Observer Sunday, 8 October 2000.

Futch, Michael FUTC003

Futch, Michael. “Lumbee church changes with community.” (Lumbees: The Trail North, Part 2.) Fayetteville Observer Sunday, 1 October 2000.

Futch, Michael FUTC012

Futch, Michael. "FEMA freezes public assistance funding for Matthew relief." Fayetteville Observer [Fayetteville, NC] September 14, 2017.

Gade, Ole 498

Gade, Ole, and H. Daniel Stilwell.  “Population Dynamics of the Coastal Plains Region. Robeson County.”  North Carolina: People and Environments.  Boone, NC: Geo-App, 1986.  Pp. 135-42.

Gaillard, Frye GAIL001

Gaillard, Frye. Chapter 9, “The pride of the Lumbees.” As long as the waters flow: Native Americans in the South and the East. Winston-Salem, NC: John F. Blair, 1998.  Pp. 149-166. Key source

Gaillard, Frye 121

Gaillard, Frye. “Desegregation Denies Justice to Lumbee Indians.”  Indian Historian  4.3 (Fall 1971): 17-22, 43.  

Gaillard, Frye 942

Gaillard, Frye. “Cities Contradict Lumbees’ Values.” Race Relations Reporter 2 (21 June 1971): 6-9. [PSU-MLL] Rpt. as “The Lumbees Fight Back” in News and Observer 11 July 1971: Sec. 4 pp. 1, 7.

Gaillard, Frye 24

Gaillard, Frye.  “Lumbee Indians.”  South Today [Atlanta, GA] 3.2 (Sept. 1971): 4-5.

Galofaro, Claire GALO001

Galofaro, Claire. "A protest in Trump Country brings home nation’s race divides." Journal Star [Peoria, IL]. Decemebr 1, 2017. 

Gamble, Douglass R. 811

Gamble, Douglass R. Pembroke Revitalization Program. Raleigh, NC: Community Development Group, North Carolina State U, 1974.

Gardner, Susan GARD003

Gardner, Susan. “Speaking of Ella Deloria: conversations with Joyzelle Gingway Godfrey, 1998-2000, Lower Brule Community College, South Dakota.” American Indian Quarterly 24.3 (Summer 2000): 456-481.

Gardner, Susan GARD001

Gardner, Susan. “Not for publication, or: on not (yet, anyway) producing bicultural Lumbee auto-ethnography.” SAIL (Studies in American Indian Literatures) 8.2 (Summer 1996): 29-45.

Gardner, Susan GARD002

Gardner, Susan. “A Native American Ogun: transforming West African belief in Leslie Marmon Silko's Almanac of the dead.” In: Andrade, Susan Z., et al., eds. Atlantic Cross-Currents/Transatlantiques. Lawrenceville, NJ: Africa World Press, 2001. Pages 147-154.

Gardner, Susan GARD004

Gardner, Susan. “‘Weaving an epic story’: Ella Cara Deloria's pageant for the Indians of Robeson County, North Carolina, 1940-1941.” Mississippi Quarterly 60.1 (2007): 33-57.

Garfield, Ken 430

Garfield, Ken.  “United Methodists to Launch Mecklenburg Church for Indians.”  Charlotte Observer 9 June 1993: 1C.

Garland, Greg GARL001

Garland, Greg. “Proposal seeks to end Indian teams; suggested resolution would direct schools to stop nickname use.” Baltimore Sun (Maryland) Tuesday, 6 February 2001: page 1B. 737 words.

Gasparoli, Tom GASP001

Gasparoli, Tom. “Native American woman does her part to boost cultural links.” The Herald – Sun (Durham, N.C.) Sunday, December 3, 2000: page B1. 741 words.

Gavaghan, Carole GAVA001

Gavaghan, Carole. “Studio preserves joyful sounds.” Robesonian Sunday, 30 January 1994: 1D.

Gazda, Antoinette GAZD001

Gazda, Antoinette. “Through Native Eyes: The Henry Berry Lowrie Story (A Native American 'Robin Hood') - N.C. Director Van Coleman brings the legendary story of Henry Berry Lowrie to the screen.” Reel Carolina: Journal of Film and Video 5.5. (September 1999) : 8, 20, 23.

Geiger, Maurice D. 836

Geiger, Maurice D., and Kathryn Fahnestock. “Confidential Memorandum to Chief Justice Joseph Branch. Subject: Robeson County Court System.” North Conway, NH: Fund for Rural Justice, 15 Dec. 1983. 12p.

Geiger, Maurice D. 837

Geiger, Maurice D., and Kathryn Fahnestock. “A Report by the Rural Justice Center to the Chief Justice of North Carolina: An Update on Robeson County.” North Conway, NH: Rural Justice Center, [1984?] 8 p.

Gellatly, Mike GELL001

Gellatly, Mike. "Hotel refugees face deadline: Matthew victims unsure of next move." Robesonian [Lumberton, NC] December 30, 2016.

Gellatly, Michael GELL002

Gellatly, Michael. "Matthew damage at $2 B[illion]." Robesonian [Lumberton, NC] November 16, 2016.

Gibbs, Jeralene 674

Gibbs, Jeralene. “Leaders Optimistic About Lumbee Recognition.”  Robesonian 15 Aug. 1988: 1A.

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Gilbert, William Harlan, Jr.  Synoptic Survey of Data on the Survival of Indian and Part Indian Blood in the Eastern United States.  Washington: Library of Congress, Legislative Reference Service, March 1947. Pp. 25-28.

Gilbert, Jr., William Harlan 701

Gilbert, William Harlan, Jr.  “Memorandum Concerning the Characteristics of the Larger Mixed-Blood Racial Islands of the Eastern United States.”  Social Forces 24.4 (May 1946): 438-47.

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Gildemeister, Enrique Eugene.  “Local Complexities of Race in the Rural South: Racially Mixed People in South Carolina.”  Thesis.  State U of New York College at Purchase, 1977.

Gingrich, Stephanie 364

Gingrich, Stephanie.  “Area Native Promotes Indian Center’s Benefits.”  Robesonian 28 March 1989: 5A.

Gingrich, Stephanie 861

Gingrich, Stephanie. “Pembroke Woman Strives to Better the Community.” Robesonian 27 March 1989: 5A.

Godfrey, R.L. 1273

Godfrey, R. L. “Witnesses: No Fair Trial for Chavis in County.” Robesonian 14 March 1989: 1A.

Godfrey, R.L. 1264

Godfrey, R. L. “Gov. Martin Names New D.A., Judge.” Robesonian 18 Dec. 1988: 1A.

Godfrey, R.L. 864

Godfrey, R. L. “Judicial Officials, Ministers Discuss Problems of County Justice System.” Robesonian 28 June 1989: 1A.

Godfrey, R. L. 857

Godfrey, R. L. “Thompson Selected as County’s Public Defender.” Robesonian 29 Dec. 1988: 1A.

Godfrey, R.L. 365

Godfrey, R. L.  “Homecoming Renews a Sense of Tradition.”  Robesonian 1 July 1989.  Lumbee Homecoming Supplement, p. 3.

Godfrey, R.L. 1211

Godfrey, R. L. “About 4,500 Petition for Dismissal of Charges Against Hatcher, Jacobs.” Robesonian 15 Feb. 1988: 1A.

Godfrey, R.L. 1271

Godfrey, R. L. “Mrs. Cummings, Son, Each Get 26-Month Terms.” Robesonian 12 March 1989: 1A.

Godfrey, R.L. 1275

Godfrey, R. L. “Venue Changed for Chavis Trial.” Robesonian 24 March 1989: 1A.

Godwin, Harvey, Jr. GODW002

Godwin, Harvey, Jr. “Tribal chairman: Disclosure of flood risk a necessity, especially in hard-hit areas like Robeson County [editorial].” Fayetteville Observer [Fayetteville, NC]. August 1, 2019.

Godwin, Rebecca L. GODW001

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Godwin, W. H.  “Proposed Change of Name to Siouan.”  Robesonian 26 Feb. 1934: 4.

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Goins, W. W. “High Purpose of Croatan Indians: A Colony in Georgia.” Robesonian 9 Sept. 1909: 4.

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Goldsmith, Thomas. "N.C. Rural Hospital Leader Worries About Looming ACA Repeal." North Carolina Health News December 7, 2016.

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Gorman, John C. 1086

Gorman, John C. “Henry Berry Lowry paper.” Unpublished manuscript. [1894?] Housed in the North Carolina Division of Archives and History, Raleigh, N.C. 26p. [Photocopy at RCPL]

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Grant, Sandra 939

Grant, Sandra. “Adjusting to Different Pace, Ways of City Life Is Difficult for Indian.” Baltimore Evening Sun 1 Oct. 1970: F1.

Grant, Sandra 938

Grant, Sandra. “Indian Study Center Is First Involving City’s Lumbees.” Baltimore Evening Sun 29 Sept. 1970: C1.

Graves, Will GRAV001

Graves, Will. "A battle for the final spot." The Robesonian (Lumberton, NC). July 8, 2016

Gray, Penn 621

Gray, Penn.  “30,000 North Carolinians Vote Themselves a  Name.”  The State 19 (26 Jan. 1952): 6-7, 14.  Rpt. in Carolina Indian Voice 14 Dec. 1978: 9; 3 Nov. 1983: 10.

Gray, Penn 626

Gray, Penn.  “‘Indian Nations’ Sends Envoys to Tell Lumbees About Unity.”  Robesonian 2 Sept. 1959?


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Greenbaum, Susan. “What’s in a label? Identity problems of Southern Indian tribes.” Journal of Ethnic Studies 19.2 (1991):107-126.

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Griffith, Spencer. "In Dire Need of a Kidney Transplant, Charly Lowry Takes a New Look at Her Life's Work." IndyWeek [Durham, NC]. January 3, 2018.

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Grimsley, Will. “Robeson area is tensed as ugly rumors abound.” Winston-Salem Journal and Sentinel 26 Jan. 1958: 6A.

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Gustafson, Robert K.  “The Religion of the Lumbee Indians.”  Paper presented at the American Academy of Religion conference, New Orleans, 14 Nov. 1990.

Guyton, Nanette 368

Guyton, Nanette.  “The Pierce Family ... Gospel Music Is Their Ministry.”  Robesonian 10 Sept. 1989: C1.

Guyton, Nanette 862

Guyton, Nanette. “Official: Report Has Eased Judicial Inequities Against County’s Indians.” Robesonian 26 April 1989: 1A.

Guyton, Nanette 376

Guyton, Nanette.  “Successful Pembroke Native Encourages Students.”  Robesonian 16 Dec. 1990: 1A.

Guyton, Nanette 684

Guyton, Nanette.  “Helms Is at Odds with Lumbee Recognition Petitioners.”  Robesonian 31 May 1989: 1.

Guyton, Nanette 689

Guyton, Nanette.  “House Panel To Vote Today on Lumbee Recognition.”  Robesonian 7 Feb. 1990: 1A.

Guyton, Nanette 688

Guyton, Nanette.  “Tribal Lawyer: Ruling Will Help Chances for Lumbee Bill.”  Robesonian 19 Jan. 1990: 1A.

Guyton, Nanette 383

Guyton, Nanette.  “Pembroke Town Council Gives Support to Drama Study.”  Robesonian 3 March 1992: 1A.

Guyton, Nanette 163

Guyton, Nanette.  “School Board Hirings Spark Controversy.”  Robesonian 17 May 1989: 1A.

Guyton, Nanette 366

Guyton, Nanette.  “Lumbee Homecoming Helps Lumbees Keep in Touch with Heritage.”  Robesonian 1 July 1989.  Lumbee Homecoming Supplement, p. 9.

Guyton, Nanette 690

Guyton, Nanette.  “Lumbee Leaders Vow to Continue to Fight for Recognition.”  Robesonian 11 Feb. 1990: 1A.

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