Looking back while walking forward (column)

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Hunt, Cynthia L. “Looking back while walking forward (column).” Carolina Indian Voice June 1, 2000: page 6.


This installment summarizes the name changes the tribe has had during its history (the names, and their legislative beginning dates, are: Croatan, 1885; Indians of Robeson County, 1911; Cherokee Indians of Robeson County, 1913; and Lumbee, 1953). Federal bills were introduced over the years to name the tribe Croatan, Cherokee, Cheraw, Siouan Indians of Lumber River, and Lumbee. Provides a detailed account of efforts, spearheaded by D. F. Lowry and the Lumbee Brotherhood, which resulted in a tribal referendum and a state law changing the tribal name to Lumbee.

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D. F. Lowry | Lumbee (tribal name) | Lumbee Brotherhood