Looking back while walking forward (column): Confederation of Red Men's Lodge

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Hunt, Cynthia L. “Looking back while walking forward (column): Confederation of Red Men's Lodge.” Carolina Indian Voice 27 July 2000: 4.


The Red Men's Lodges were fraternal orders that developed in Robeson County's Indian communities in the early 1900s. Prominent Indians in each community were members, and meetings were held monthly in private homes, schools, or (in Pembroke) in separate buildings. The lodges had secret ceremonies and rituals. The members marched in parades and participated in funerals, but “one of their main functions was to maintain social order in the tribe.” By 1914 the communities of Pembroke, Prospect, Saddletree, Oxendine, Magnolia, and Union Chapel all had lodges.

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Red Men's Lodges | Fraternal organizations
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