Lumbee tribal programs to continue

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Jenkins, Venita. “Lumbee tribal programs to continue.” Fayetteville Observer Monday, 5 February 2001.


The Lumbee Regional Development Association (LRDA), a private, nonprofit corporation which has, in many respects, served as the tribe's government since 1986, will hand over some of the programs it operates to the new Lumbee Tribal Council once that organization is ready to operate them. LRDA will still, however, operate some services for the tribe. A ruling issued by Superior Court Judge Howard E. Manning in December, 2000 stated that although LRDA can continue to operate, this “does not mean that the LRDA will continue to have any limited responsibility as a representative of the Lumbee Tribal Government.” LRDA is committed to achieving an “orderly transition” of transfer of oversight for the programs it administers. A transition committee will determine which programs will be turned over to the tribal government and which should remain under LRDA. Lonnie Revels is chairperson of this committee. Three members of the Lumbee Tribal Council--Dobbs Oxendine, James Hardin, and Federick Locklear--are also affiliated with LRDA. Programs which LRDA manages for the tribe include Head Start, low-income energy assistance, a workforce program, economic development programs, three day care centers, and the Lumbee model poultry farm. The programs bring in over $2.9 million in assistance for the tribe. It is expected that LRDA will continue assisting the tribe's efforts to obtain federal recognition.

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Lumbee Regional Development Association (LRDA)