Lack of Education Is Factor in Acquittal of Indians.

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Baker, Donald P.  “Lack of Education Is Factor in Acquittal of Indians.”  Washington Post 26 Dec. 1973: A2.


Lengthy, detailed article.  Keever Locklear and cousin Dock Locklear were acquitted in federal district court on charges related to theft of documents from the BIA Building in Washington.  Neither can read or write, and thus “had little reason to, as the indictment charged, ‘receive, conceal or retain property of the Department of Interior (BIA)’.”  Related articles, Washington Post 20 Dec. 1973: A2; News and Observer 20 Dec. 1973: 39; and Greensboro Daily News 30 Dec. 1973: A9.  See especially Jack Anderson, “False Testimony Used in Indian Trial,” Washington Post 31 Dec. 1973: B7. The Justice Department, Anderson asserts, “staged a seven-day show trial” and tried to link him, his research assistant, and his column to the North Carolina case.

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