Abandoned in America. Part Two. ‘Hope to hopelessness’: Will government step up after second storm?

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Balcerzak, Ashley. ‘Hope to hopelessness’: Will government step up after second storm? Webpage. Abandoned in America. Part 2. Center for Public Integrity, October 10, 2018.


This detailed, compellingly written report focuses on the impact of Hurricane Matthew and Hurricane Florence on Robeson County, against the backdrop of the county’s high poverty rate and low political participation. The report provides story-based accounts—documented by interviews with local residents, numerous photographs, and extensive links to outside sources. The economic impact of NAFTA, and prior to that, of the decline of tobacco farming, is discussed. The report highlights recent political campaigns (both the 2016 presidential campaign and the 2018 mid-term elections) as they affected Robeson County. It also discusses the outreach of elected officials as well as candidates to groups and municipalities in Robeson County.

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This report won the 2019 Kaleidoscope Award from the Radio Television Digital News Association, which is given for “outstanding achievements in the coverage of diversity.”
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Numerous photographs and links to outside sources of documentation.