“An American warrior.”

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Bathurst, Sheldon. “An American warrior.” Marine Corps Gazette 82.11 (November 1998): 96- .


Brief article/review on the background and military service of Delano Cummings, who wrote about his service in Vietnam in Moon Dash Warrior (item CUMM001). Notes that Cummings found it hard to reassimilate himself into civilian life after the war and participated in a post-traumatic stress disorder therapy program which encouraged him to write at length about his Vietnam experiences. He met another Marine Vietnam veteran who owned a publishing company and helped him bring his book into existence.

Bathurst notes that “Delano Cummings is not a Michener nor a Steinbeck, but he is able to tell his story with an emotion that can only come from someone who lived it day in and day out.... Moon Dash Warrior should be read to gain an understanding of what Vietnam was like for an infantryman...”

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