Lumbees coming home

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Futch, Michael. “Lumbees coming home.” (Lumbees: The Trail North, Part 5.) Fayetteville Observer Sunday, 22 October 2000.


This article summarizes characteristics Baltimore Lumbees share with Robeson County Lumbees. Then, it discusses the trend--since the Lumbee migration to Baltimore for employment began in the 1930s and intensified after World War II--for Lumbees to return to Robeson County when they retire. As of this writing, many--but not all--Baltimore Lumbees either aspire to return to Robeson County or do so when they retire. Futch talked with several Baltimore Lumbees (including Jerry Morgan and Gerald Butler) about their desires (or lack thereof) to return home; about the early days of the migration to Baltimore; and about life in the city.

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Lumbees in Baltimore, MD | Jerry Morgan | Gerald Butler | Construction work
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