The pride of the Lumbees.

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Gaillard, Frye. Chapter 9, “The pride of the Lumbees.” As long as the waters flow: Native Americans in the South and the East. Winston-Salem, NC: John F. Blair, 1998.  Pp. 149-166. Key source


Clear, engagingly written overview of Lumbee history and the issues of the people, focusing on the stories of several contemporary individuals.  These include Daystar Dial, a traditional healer taught by Vernon Cooper; Sanford Locklear, who was involved in the 1958 Lumbee routing of the Ku Klux Klan; wood carver Michael Wilkins; Donna Chavis, who with her husband Mac Legerton started the Center for Community Action; Karl Hunt, who overcame drug problems and a prison term to become an artist; and filmmaker Malinda Maynor.  Other individuals mentioned include wood carver Bernice Locklear; Reedy Chavis; Dalton Brooks; Bruce Barton; Connee Brayboy; Arlinda Locklear; Julian Pierce; Glenn Maynor; and Larry Demery.

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