Lumbee church changes with community

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Futch, Michael. “Lumbee church changes with community.” (Lumbees: The Trail North, Part 2.) Fayetteville Observer Sunday, 1 October 2000.


This article gives a fairly detailed account of Lumbee church attendance in Baltimore (focusing on South Broadway Baptist Church), Lumbee worship style, and the significance of church attendance to Lumbee people. South Broadway Baptist Church, the oldest Indian church in Baltimore, was established in 1967 by a group of Lumbees. Initially the church was 95% Indian, its 130 active members are currently about 65% Indian, with Black, White, Italian, Polish, and Trinidad members. The present pastor is Jerry Thompson (he is discussed in some depth); the article gives a list of the church's 6 ministers, their years of service, and their ties to Robeson County. The article describes a church service (including music and singing), focusing on church member Portia Hammonds. The church is a member of the Burnt Swamp Baptist Association (headquartered in Pembroke, N.C.). Three other Indian churches are attended by Lumbees in Baltimore: East Baltimore Church of God, New Hope Fellowship, and Greater Grace Outreach Center. Church attendance, and participating in the Baltimore American Indian Center, have important cultural benefits for the Lumbee, giving them a sense of connectedness and a feeling of being wanted and needed.

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South Broadway Baptist Church | Lumbees in Baltimore, MD | The Rev. Jerry Thompson
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