N.C. Rural Hospital Leader Worries About Looming ACA Repeal

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Goldsmith, Thomas. "N.C. Rural Hospital Leader Worries About Looming ACA Repeal." North Carolina Health News December 7, 2016.


Two hospital associations teamed up to make a case against the repeal of the federal Affordable Care Act. Projections show that a repeal could mean a loss of hundreds of billions of dollars to hospitals over 10 years, according to the American Hospital Association.

With Hurricane Matthew causing damage and injuries all around Robeson County, a repeal could be catastrophic for health care. Even before the hurricane, Robeson is one of the poorest counties in the state. Before the ACA, many didn’t pay attention to their health because they could not afford it.

The repeal was a strong talking point on Donald Trump’s presidential campaign, and House Speaker Rep. Paul Ryan said the new approach will involve “’patient-centered health care that gets everybody access to affordable health care coverage, so that they can buy whatever they want to buy.’”

The American Hospital Association and the Federation of American Hospitals are urging Congress to provide equivalent coverage in its replacement of the ACA. 

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