Useful websites for Lumbee research The official website of the Lumbee Tribe of North Carolina

This clear, easy-to-use site provides: tribal news and events; information on tribal employment opportunities; the downloadable full text of the Constitution of the Lumbee Tribe of North Carolina; information on individuals in each branch of the tribe's government; detailed information on the tribe's services and programs (elder services, VISTA, youth services, enrollment, housing, homicide and motor vehicle death prevention, Community Services Fund partnership, low-income home energy assistance, tobacco cessation and prevention, boys and girls club, veterans office, and culture enrichment); detailed information about tribal enrollment, including a useful FAQ and downloadable Enrollment Application, Lineage Chart, and Recertification forms; an attractive map of tribal districts, with the area covered and the Tribal Council representative's name for each district; and information about Lumbee history and culture.

Lumbee Regional Development Association (LRDA)

LRDA was established in 1968 "to provide services for the Lumbee Indian communities."

This site includes a number of useful sections. First, it provides a profile of LRDA, photographs and names of members of the Board of Directors, background information on LRDA programs and services (including child services, housing, Workforce Investment Act, Lumbee Creations Retail Shop, and Lumbee Revitalization and Community Development Corp.), and news about LRDA activities. The Lums Online section lists Lumbee people throughout the United States who would like to correspond with other Lumbees. LRDA Links is a list of home pages or Web sites for Lumbee people and businesses in a wide range of endeavors. The Wall of Honor lists Lumbees who have served, or are serving, in the military.

Museum of the Native American Resource Center, UNC-Pembroke

This attractive, well-organized site features the following: photographs of important events from Lumbee history; digitized versions of artworks on display in the Museum; an online video called “Keeping the Circle”; three RealAudio music files; images related to Lumbee crafts; an essay (with images from the Museum's permanent display) on the Lumbee routing of the Ku Klux Klan (January 18, 1958); digitized images of five artworks related to Henry Berry Lowry; three oral history video segments (on Lumbee World War II service; Native American women; and shape note singing); “Because It Is Right”, Dr. Stanley Knick's important essay on the need for federal recognition for the Lumbee people; and purchase information for items in the Native American Resource Center's publications series.

North Carolina Language and Life Project (NCLLP)

NCLLP Research Site: Robeson County, NC

NCLLP, under the direction of Dr. Walt Wolfram, has conducted much valuable research on the distinctive characteristics of Lumbee English. Wolfram and other scholars who have been connected with NCLLP have been part of many publications, both scholarly and non-scholarly, which make this research accessible.This page provides an introduction to Robeson County, its three ethnic communities, and the emphases of the sociolinguistic interviews done by NCLLP researchers. The site also provides a bibliography of articles, papers, chapters, and graduate theses or dissertations on Lumbee English and on the language patterns of other Robeson County speakers.

Town of Pembroke, NC

This site, which includes helpful photographs, provides brief information on the history of the town; the town as it is today; government; schools; local services; local businesses; and local attractions.

The Center for Lumbee Studies

Bruce Barton, chairman, and Rick Barton, President, stated at the inception of this site that "The Center for Lumbee Studies was begun to facilitate the professional study of all things pertaining to 'Lumbee'”. We are dedicated to professionalism, integrity and positive change of our area. We have a personal commitment to our area, Pembroke, UNC-P and most importantly to our People that spans multiple decades."

To fulfill this mission, the site offers content in three categories. The News section provides links to a wide range of web-based newpaper articles and other news postings. The Blog section features discussions of Robeson County issues. The discussions are open for readers to provide comments. The Video section provides a widely varied collage of Lumbee-related videos.