Memorandum [for the Commissioner of Indian Affairs]. Re: Indians of Robeson County, North Carolina.

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McNickle, D’Arcy.  “Memorandum [for the Commissioner of Indian Affairs].  Re: Indians of Robeson County, North Carolina.”  Washington: Bureau of Indian Affairs, 1 May 1936.  13 p.


As background for the Commissioner’s consideration of enrolling Robeson County Indians under the Indian Reorganization Act, McNickle provides a chronological account of their repeated requests, since 1888, for educational aid and federal recognition. He mentions that McPherson’s report relied heavily for historical data on Hamilton McMillan, “whose findings at best are of doubtful value.” If Swanton’s conclusions on the origins of county Indians are accepted instead of the Lost Colony theory, then “the quantity of Indian blood is probably greater than we have been assuming heretofore.” McNickle agrees with A. W. McLean that Indians have always been separated from others in the Robeson County area.

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Indian Education Resource Center, Pembroke, NC. National Archives and Records Administration. Record Group 75. File no. 64190. 1935. 066.