Our People: The Lumbee

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Our People: The Lumbee. DVD. 28.00 min. Pembroke, NC: Native American Resource Center, UNC-Pembroke (in collaboration with the North Carolina Commission of Indian Affairs), 2009.


The video is a compilation of all the different aspects of the Lumbee culture, as told by members of the Lumbee tribe. Tribal Chairman Jimmy Goins first explained the background to the Lumbee territory and what the main goals and priorities are for the tribe. He also mentioned the boys and girls club, and how they feed kids, help them with their homework and teach them the Lumbee tradition.

Cynthia Hunt then spoke on the history of Henry Berry Lowry, schools in the area and the fight for federal recognition. After that, Charles Locklear spoke on the tribe’s moral compass framed by Christianity.

Linda Oxendine then spoke on the tribe’s kinship, being a good relative, the sense of community and tribalism and the education that is strengthened by a sense of identity. Then, Robert Carter explained that the group presents their heritage proudly. He also mentioned that there are some people who have gotten the tribe national recognition, such as those who got Grammy nominations. Lastly, he spoke on the importance of pow wows.

Sunshine Costanzo gave her thoughts on Lumbee Homecoming and Alex Baker explained how the Lumbee are governed and described the court systems. To end the video, Tammy Maynor gave a look into some upcoming projects and the housing program. 

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