Maynor, Malinda M

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“Maynor, Malinda M.” In: Women artists of color: a bio-critical sourcebook to 20th century artists in the Americas. Ed. Phoebe Farris. Westport, CT: Greenwood, 1999. Pages 44-47.


Career and biographical sketch of Lumbee documentary filmmaker Malinda Maynor. The sketch lists her degrees, awards, and festival appearances. Her primary film projects, as of this writing, have been Sounds of Faith (1997; item MAYN009) and Real Indian (1996; item MAYN005). Maynor was the first Lumbee female to attend Harvard University, where she received an A.B. (cum laude) in American history and literature. She earned a masters in documentary film and video from Stanford University. The sketch explains that “through her films, Malinda stresses the fact that the Lumbees' very existence and their insistence on being defined as American Indians challenge native stereotypes that have been perpetuated by the dominant culture and other Native Americans” (p. 47).

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