Croatans Want Name Cherokees: The Rival Indian Forces Appeal to Legislature.

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“Croatans Want Name Cherokees: The Rival Indian Forces Appeal to Legislature.”  News and Observer 4 Feb. 1911: P. 3 col. 1.


Gives arguments presented by both Croatans and western North Carolina Cherokees, and their supporters, in the Senate Judiciary Committee.  A lively and lengthy hearing was held on a state bill to rename the Croatans “Cherokee Indians of Robeson County.” Hamilton McMillan testified on problems caused by his bill, which had named the Indians Croatans.  Since then, “indisputable evidence” had been presented–by investigators from the Smithsonian Institution, by examination of skulls, etc.–that Robeson County Indians are indeed Cherokee.  The Cherokees stated that they did not want to impede the advancement of eastern North Carolina Indians, but “would not consent to giving them a name they were not entitled to.”  The committee asked representatives from the Croatans and the Cherokees to stand side by side, then asked Cherokee Chief John Goins (who spoke through an interpreter) what he thought of the Croatan next to him.  See also Robesonian 6 Feb. 1911: 1 and Charlotte Observer 4 Feb. 1911: 1.

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