Variations of probe EFD52 (D17526) for forensic DNA analysis.

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Nelson, Mark S.; Elizabeth A. Benziger, Michael J. Budzynski, et al. “Variations of probe EFD52 (D17526) for forensic DNA analysis.” Journal of Forensic Sciences 41.4 (July 1996), 557-68.


Evaluates the probe EFD52, according to the requirements established by the Technical Working Group on DNA Analysis Methods (TWG DAM) and the California Association of Criminalists (CAC) Ad Hoc Committee on DNA Quality Assurance, as part of a quality assurance process before it is used for forensic DNA profiling. The tests described here relate to the probe's suitability for restriction fragment length polymorphism (RFLP) analysis. Donor samples were obtained from the Lumbee and three other geographically distinct groups of people. 

The article contains numerous tables comparing the Lumbee samples to the other three groups, including: D17526 binned population frequency distinction (table 8), D17526 binned population frequency distribution for Oregon Hispanic and North Carolina Lumbee populations; Hardy-Weinberg test P-values for binned populations (Table11), and two-locus test P-values (table 12). The tests establishedthat the probe EFD52 is safe for use in forensic analysis.

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