Looking for Ms. Locklear.

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Neal, Link, and Rhett McLaughlin. Looking for Ms. Locklear. Videodisk. RhettandLinKreations, [United States], 2008.


This documentary is about two students who embark on a journey to reunite with their first grade teacher, Lenora Locklear. Rhett and Link, the narrators, met in her class and have been best friends ever since. They start their adventure by going back to their old elementary school, where they are instructed to travel to Pembroke, North Carolina.

In Pembroke, Rhett and Link stop by a wood-crafting store, hand out puppies out of the back of a pickup truck, attend the Mr. Lumbee contest, sing at a powwow with a heavy metal band and even travel with the Lumbee Indians to Washington, DC before finally learning the location of Ms. Lenora Locklear.

They soon head out to visit Locklear, who is the principal of an elementary school in Fayetteville, North Carolina. Rhett and Link surprise Lenora and are invited back to participate in an assembly for the students about the importance of teachers and the importance of heritage.

Overall, this is a fun, sentimental adventure that educates viewers on the Lumbee culture, while also making them reminisce on the role models in their own lives. 

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