Lumbee pride, enterprise define, design heritage gear

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Meadows, Bob. “Lumbee pride, enterprise define, design heritage gear.” Charlotte Observer (North Carolina) 4 April 1997 (Friday): 1C, 8C.


Champion powerlifter Harold Collins, a Lumbee who operates the Powerhouse Gym in Pembroke, has designed a “Lumbee” high-top sneaker, produced by the Converse plant in Robeson County. Collins is auctioning 200 commemorative pairs of the sneaker to raise money for the expansion of the North Carolina Indian Cultural Center. A non-commemorative version of the shoe, which is believed to the the first sneaker with an Indian tribe as its theme, will later be sold for $65.00 solely in Robeson County.

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Harold Collins | North Carolina Indian Cultural Center | Converse
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