Lumbee Man's Video Exposes Racist Origins of 'Redskins

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“Lumbee Man's Video Exposes Racist Origins of 'Redskins.” Indian Country Today Media Network [Raleigh, NC] August 30, 2014.


Lumbee Tribe member Kelvin Ray Oxendine compiled articles from newspaper archives across the a nation to explain why the word Redskins is historically derogatory. In a five-minute video that Oxendine posted to YouTube, he edited at least 12 news clippings together that indiscriminately use the R-word. "After I found these documents, I thought a video would be a great way to deliver the message along with an inspirational song that has the potential of pulling our people together." Oxendine also said that he wanted to create a video to help other Natives understand that the context of the word is racist.

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