Lumbee Indian Act of 1953: its origin and rationale

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Lowry, D.F. “Lumbee Indian Act of 1953: its origin and rationale.” Looking back while walking forward (column). Carolina Indian Voice Thursday, 6 July 2000: 4.


This brief article, reprinted from the Robesonian, 22 February 1973, explains concisely the following aspects of Lumbee history: the tribe's formation from the amalgamation of other tribes with colonists;their military service in the Revolutionary War and War of 1812; denial of voting privileges, military service, and attendance of white churches and schools due to the North Carolina Constitution of 1835; and the various tribal names, with most attention given to the efforts by D.F. Lowry, Harry West Locklear, C.E. Locklear, and L.W. Jacobs that resulted in the Lumbee Act of 1953.

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