The Lumbee struggle.

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Locklear, Brooke. “The Lumbee struggle.” North Carolina Political Review November-December, 2001.


This brief essay notes though the Lumbee have had to assimilate in order to survive, they have, as a result, lost much of their culture and traditions; and their history prior to contact with Whites is “ambiguous.” The majority of Lumbee political problems arise from their continued struggle to gain true federal recognition. Locklear explains the impact--both positve and negative--of Lumbee politics on the struggle for federal recognition. She also discusses benefits--both personal and economic--the Lumbee would derive from federal recognition. She concludes, “The Lumbees are proud of their heritage and the many obstacles they have overcome. With or without federal recognition, the Lumbee people will continue to pride themselves in knowing who they truly are.”

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