Along the Robeson Trail (column)

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Knick, Stanley. “Along the Robeson Trail (column).” Carolina Indian Voice 21 March 2002: 3.


This installment of Knick's long-standing weekly column announces two important projects in which UNC-Pembroke's Native American Resource Center is involved. The first is a collection of creative writing (including poetry, essays, stories, and a one-act play) by Lumbee people. The works, gathered by Daystar Dial and Barbara Collins, are presently being transcribed or scanned to ready them for publication. The anthology will include well-known writers (such as Lew Barton, Adolph Dial, and Julia Lowry Russell) as well as individuals who have never been published. The second project is a video about Lumbee identity which incorporates interviews with Lumbee community members and is narrated by Barbara Braveboy-Locklear. The four principal themes concerning Lumbee identity that will be explored are home and family; spirituality; education and Old Main; and land and the river. When completed, the video will be available at the Native American Resource Center's physical location as well as its Web site.

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