Along the Robeson Trail (column).

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Knick, Stanley. “Along the Robeson Trail” (column). Carolina Indian Voice 13 August 1998: 2.


Knick surveys the history of this column, which began in the Carolina Indian Voice in 1990. He recounts the many positive comments and suggestions he has received from readers. In response to requests from readers (particularly school teachers), he compiled 48 early columns into a book, Along the trail: a reader about Native Americans (see The Lumbee Indians: an annotated bibliography, item 1402). Over a year ago, Knick began a series of columns specifically on the Lumbee. Several of them were on specific topics, but he devised a way to situate the Lumbee into the broadest possible context. Later, he wrote seven lengthy essays, dividing each of them into column-length segments. They include “The Meaning of Context, the Context of Meaning”; “Forward into the Past”; “Reconstructing the Past”; “The Time the World Changed”; “Traditional Culture”; “A Manner of Speaking”; and “A Government Question.” These essays provide an invaluable comprehensive overview of the Lumbee.

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