Robeson County remains state's most diverse racial mix

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Dalesio, Emery P. “Robeson County remains state's most diverse racial mix.” Associated Press State & Local Wire Monday, 26 March 2001. 620 words.


The 2000 Census showed Robeson County as North Carolina's most racially mixed county, as it was in 1990. The county grew in population by 17.3%. Its population of 123,339 is 38% Indian, 33% white, and 25% black. The 2000 results cannot be compared precisely with the 1990 results because the 2000 Census allowed respondents to select more than one race. In Robeson County, 1.3% of residents listed themselves as more than one race (the eleventh highest rate in North Carolina). Robeson County has the state's largest population of American Indians. 46,896 residents listed themselves as Indian-only, and 1,182 said they were Indian and another race.

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