Activist forces retitling of play; change omits use of ‘Indians’

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Cella, Matthew. “Activist forces retitling of play; change omits use of ‘Indians’.” Washington Times November 12, 2002: B1. 773 words.


Richard Regan, a Lumbee who lives in Montgomery County, Maryland, successfully lobbied Paint Branch High School to change the title of a play that will be performed at the school. The play, based on a 1939 Agatha Christie novel, will be called “And Then There Were None” for this performance, rather than “Ten Little Indians.” Regan filed the complaint as an individual, rather than on behalf of the Maryland Commission on Indian Affairs (he is a member of that organization). He asserted that public schools, which are funded with taxpayer dollars, should not allow a play title that “didn't send a very strong diversity message.” The article outlines earlier complaints about the book's original title and changes that were made for American audiences.

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Richard Regan
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