Tribal chair doubts validity of study

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Brooks, Paul. “Tribal chair doubts validity of study.” The Robesonian (Lumberton, NC). February 28, 2015 


Tribal Chairman Paul Brooks wrote a response to an article published by The Robesonian on February 15, 2015, entitled “Congress cool to recognition, Lumbee professor surveys legislators.”

The Lumbee tribe questioned the credentials of the conductor of the study, Jamie K. Oxendine. Citing that Oxendine’s name is not on the University of Toledo’s website, they noted that he taught a course at one point but should not be labeled as a “Lumbee professor.”

The tribe also noted that the title of the survey, “Why Should I Support the Lumbee,” suggested that Oxendine went in seeking negative responses. The tribal officials have not received any surveys or responses to back up the claims that both Oxendine and The Robesonian made.

The tribe also said that it was unfair to comment on the Lumbee Lewin Scandal because that happened five years prior while the tribe was under a different administration. The tribe went on to contest and show disapproval on other points made in the study about being contacted for United States Department of Housing and Urban Development violations, the payments made to the tribal attorney and contact between Congress and the Lumbee tribal officials.

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