Lumbee heritage

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Lowry, Steve. "Lumbee heritage." News and Observer. December 17, 2010.


Steve Lowry reacts to the December 15, 2010 Point of View articles, "A persistent people's long quest for justice" by Ryan A. Emanuel and "Valid objections to recognition by Congress" by David Steven Cohen.

His theory of the Lumbees' past is geographical. Robeson County is semi-swampland so the white man didn't really want to settle there. The area was attractive to runaway slaves, deserters from the army, and survivors of the Trail of Tears.

According to Lowry, the community was and always has been an Indian community. "Leave it to us to determine who is or isn't a Lumbee.The racism and poverty inflicted on Lumbees sure match what every other tribe in the U.S. has gone through."

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